Proper Treatment Of Mass Killers

We have heard all the stuff about Sandy hook or Columbine or Aurora….or about a hundred other shootings…….and now we will be subjected to all the caring about the guns involved in most of these shootings…….what about the shooters?  Most kill themselves…a cowards way out….some are apprehended by the cops…….how should the media handle these people?

(Newser) – You know the name of the Sandy Hook shooter. And the Aurora shooter. And likely many more. “It’s appalling, but one way to achieve fame in America is through acts of infamy,” observes author Vicki Leon in the LA Times. “What if that weren’t so?” What if the media instead took a page from the ancient Greeks? In 365 BC, an arsonist burned down the temple to Artemis in Ephesus, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. His stated motive? To make his name immortal.

The Ephesians executed the man, but not before passing a law making it a crime, punishable by death, to utter his name. And for centuries historians have mostly refrained from naming him. Nor are the Greeks alone; the Egyptians and Romans instituted similar penalties. Such bans probably wouldn’t work in the modern world, “but infamy should not be rewarded with headlines,” Leon argues. “We have surrendered to shabbier motives, such as selling newspapers or winning TV ratings.” Click for her full column, or to read the latest on the unnamed California school shooter.

Not a bad idea…….do not give these cowards the notoriety that they crave…..


2 thoughts on “Proper Treatment Of Mass Killers

  1. That’s all very well, if that were the reason that these people committ mass murder. In my view they are people who are mentally sick and because of the immediate availability of lethall weapons are able to wreak such havoc on the community. Had those guns been denied to them, then you would never of heard a thing about this.

    I believe quite the opposite:We need to know who these people are simply because they are our sons or brothers – people like us – who completely lose it and then kill. These are not two headed monsters from outer space – they are us in extreme circumstances.

    We need to understand why this is happening. In a pirvatised medical environment there is no money in treating mental conditions.

    1. Bill, I know a guy who had a drug problem years ago and recently had a nervous breakdown and when he went to see a doctor they zero in on his ‘addiction’ problem even though it had been curb years before……they wanted to treat him as a addict……..I think we have a ways to go before we are where we need to be with mental health treatment….

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