It’s The Climate, Stupid!

AS 2012 roars to an end, I have been writing about a few issues that I see will be more in the public’s eye than in the past…….issues like immigration,debt, spending and the one that should get some play…..climate change.

I have been to a couple of seminars with scientists from LSU, U of Miami and a few others and the subject was this mystical thing called climate change… know these people gave a good presentation of what and why this was happening…..and the one thing that had been missing from these seminars were the deniers…..why is that?

But yet the nay-sayers are everywhere in the media.  Explain that…..why not go to these scientific inquiries and present the data and have a real discussion….but NO they had rather run to a camera and spout their crap and then slink away without being challenged… there a good reason for that? has a piece……

Can you think of any other topic in which the opinions of 0.17 percent of experts is given equal time and weight? Desmogblog posted the chart that shows of 13,950 peer-reviewed climate articles, just 24 reject the idea of global warming — a mere 0.17 percent.

Yet, as we highlighted a few months ago, the U.S. gives a significant amount of media attention to climate deniers — far more than any other country. Over one-third of articles on climate change in 2009-2010 contained viewpoints from climate deniers, even though only a fraction of the scientific community questions the existence of climate change.

There is no scientific uncertainty about whether or not climate change is occurring and there is no scientific disagreement that climate change is caused by humans. The fact that so much of our media is unable to grasp this reality is embarrassing and a real indictment of the quality of media in the U.S. today.

Personally, I want to believe that this is just a natural thing that is happening…..but so far I have seen NO real evidence that the deniers are correct…….and you?


9 thoughts on “It’s The Climate, Stupid!

  1. “The fact that so much of our media is unable to grasp this reality is embarrassing and a real indictment of the quality of media in the U.S. today.”

    This sadly has become the bane of all our nation’s misunderstanding about critical issues. We have a corporate media that has opted out of real journalism and bought in to the crappola how someone’s uninformed shrill carries equal weight with another’s research and well-founded data. They present inane shit on a media source that should keep its people well informed but instead keeps them dumbed down in order to consume more manure their advertisers pay them to show.

    Can’t blame them entirely because too many wussies out there who don’t want to see a lot of the ugly truth they live amongst or who haven’t the mentality to grasp a serious issue that isn’t right at the tip of their nose. This also speaks poorly to our educational system.

    1. Larry, so true and it is pathetic…..we will pull our heads out of our collective butts when it is close to being too late……and then the recriminations will begin….and the whining……

  2. Lobotero,

    Yeah. Those darn Climate Deniers…It’s not like they have an argument to make. It’s not like, say, polar bear populations are up or that mountainous peaks haven’t lost ice in ten-years.

    And it’s not like warming trends ended 16 years ago or that arctic ice is abnormally high, or even that Antarctic ice isn’t melting – at all.

    And of course believers in Climate Change are totally reasoned individuals.

    Yep. Those pesky Climate Deniers…So pathetic.

    1. Do you read the post or just zero in on a word or two? I am asking why the most vocal deniers are not at these climate conferences presenting their so called findings….you can post all you want on links and I can do the same but it does NOT answer the question…..and yep…very pathetic.

      1. Lobotero,

        Oftentimes those scientists are not invited. Second, why put yourself in the firing-line when the evidence is purposely skewed one way? Lastly, many scientists are afraid to voice their opposition for fear of being ostracized. There are horror stories of scientists being fired or denied tenure because of beliefs outside the mainstream.

      2. Terrance, you may be right but at least 3 of the conferences I attended they were open….anyone with a stand could give a paper or research……I will agree with you about the fear factor… pertains to so many issues…personally, I want to hear and see opponents give their positions without audience trying to shout them down….this 10 minute segments on TV is just talking points…nothing more….

  3. 1. Global warming is real.

    2. Global warming is mild, not severe, as the “climate alarmists” claim. The major points for the “Man-made Warming activists” are based on Computer modeling results and surface temperature measurements.

    3. Global warming is slow, not rapid, as the “climate alarmists” claim. Trend is up by 0.125 degrees C per decade.

    4. Global warming is not primarily caused by CO2. (Both the “Roman Warming” of 200BC – 600AD and the “Medieval Warming” of 900AD – 1300AD were warmer than the current “Modern Warming” of 1850AD to present. Since “about 80% of the carbon dioxide from human activities entered the air after 1940”. Therefore, those earlier warming periods were NOT caused by burning fossil fuels and thus not related to increased CO2 levels. The Greenhouse Theory of man-induced high CO2 levels as the cause of the Modern Warming is thereby to be most unlikely.

    5. Global warming periods (and global cooling periods) are primarily caused by energy out-put changes from the local star. (The major problem with this theory is that humans know incredibly little about the long-term variations in solar properties.) One scientist “reported that the sun’s radiation has increased by nearly 0.05 percent per decade since the late 1970’s.” He has “used data from three different NASA ACRIM satellites monitoring the sun to assemble a twenty-five year record of total solar radiation from 1978 to 2003. The trend is significant because the total energy output is so huge. A variation of 0.05 percent in its output is equal to all human energy use.”

    6. The solar heat radiance fluctuations are extremely small, 0.1% over 20 years, but this small variance is amplified by earths’ atmosphere. This amplification process is “by at least two factors: (1) cosmic rays creating more or fewer of the low, cooling clouds in the earth’s atmosphere; and (2) solar-driven ozone changes in the stratosphere creating more or less heating of the lower atmosphere.”

    7. The solar heat fluctuations are cyclic, and are corresponding to a 1470 year climate cycle. This cycle is apparently related to the known sun-spot cycles of 87 and 210 years respectively.

    8. The 1470 year climate cycle is verified by historical evidence, and by scientific evidence such as ice cores, tree rings, seabed sediment deposits, et al.

    1. Thanx for rehashing the talking points…..but it does not answer the question of why deniers are not usually at any of the conferences…..

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