Take It And Like It!

The US Congress is a complete joke…the partisan crap, the do-nothing schedule and the total lack of interest in the “common” man is overwhelming….besides it has become a joke in the rest of the “civilized’ world…..

These people and I use the term loosely spend all their time bitching about all those social programs or all those subsidies for those companies that do NOT need the money……the money being spent is all the rage now, both conserv and libs are trying to find footing in this debate….should Medicare be cut….should oil subsidies end…..should Social Security be killed….r maybe we could end a war or two……everybody has a pet bitch on spending…….

Now let us talk about the government demanding that a certain commodity will be accepted by the military….Congress in its wisdom is telling generals that have said no to the commodity that they will accept it and like it!

An article written in Daily Finance

Over in Washington, where most of America’s money gets spent, there’s a scandal brewing on Capitol Hill. Congress wants to pass an appropriations bill that would (among other things) spend $255 million to purchase 42 M1 Abrams main battle tanks. There are just a few problems with this plan.

First off, we don’t really have any enemies to “point” the new tanks at. The Soviet Union is kaput. China, arguably too valuable a trading partner to fight a war with in the first place, also happens to be located on the wrong side of an ocean. As for the enemies we do want to point guns at, years of battling tank-less foes in Iraq and Afghanistan have taught the U.S. Army that oftentimes, a mix of Humvees, MRAPs, and Strykers is better suited to modern warfare.

Which brings us to the final and most crucial reason why we might not want to spend a quarter-billion dollars on a few dozen main battle tanks: The Pentagon doesn’t even want them.

Turns out, the only reason Congress is even considering spending this money is to try to keep General Dynamics’  tank factory in Lima, Ohio, open — just in case we might need to build tanks in the future.  Would likt be the same Ohio that speaker of the house is from?

But I thought that the Congress was chastised for not listening to the generals….oh my bad….that only applies when dealing with the actions of Obama….it does NOT apply when paying General Dynamics off for their monetary support during elections….

See what is happening while the media has you fixated on the Martin case?


4 thoughts on “Take It And Like It!

  1. “Turns out, the only reason Congress is even considering spending this money is to try to keep General Dynamics’ tank factory in Lima, Ohio, open”

    So what the difference between this and government expenditures for public service workers?

    They can cut funding that provides jobs for government employees but find the money to keep a private sector industry afloat?

    Has the TeaParty members in congress reacted to this yet?

    1. Larry, I found this one small article……and the tanks are NOT wanted by the military they say there is no need…..a public service worker actually provides a service….but I get your drift helping your paid sponsors, right?

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