Sorry But Rick Will Not last

Yes, there is a new alternative to Mitt…..first it was trump then Cain then Perry then Newt and then along came Rick…..and once Rick got his teeth into the fabric of presidential politics he began his right wing extremists rhetoric…..I know this man believes and believes strongly in what he says……and he is popular now and may even beat Romney in Mitt’s’ home state of Michigan or is it Utah…no it is Mass….no I believe it is Michigan…..yeah!  It is Michigan!  Anyway the GOP seems to looking for anybody but Mitt and some say Rick is that candidate……I think it is wishful thinking.  Why? it gonna be a long drawn out process and Rick will not last…..he will not last for 5 reasons  (thanx to the Week for the breakdown)….

1. He’ll drown in a sea of Romney’s money
Many pundits believe that Romney can’t take down Santorum with the kind of negative ads he used to annihilate Newt Gingrich, simply because Santorum doesn’t have nearly as many skeletons in his closet as the thrice-married Gingrich does. But “even if he doesn’t go heavily negative,” says Ed Kilgore at The New Republic, “Romney can use his heavy money advantage to saturate the airwaves” with positive ads in Arizona and Michigan, which vote on Feb. 28. That should help Romney stage a comeback in those two states. And if Mitt wins both, “the road gets much rockier for Santorum.”

2. Santorum can’t appeal to mainstream Americans
“Santorum is essentially an ultra-right-wing protest candidate” in what is “essentially a centrist or center-right country,” says John Cassidy at The New Yorker. The audience for “extremist views” always expands some during times of economic distress, which is how the neocons and Tea Partiers managed to burst onto the scene. But it just won’t be enough to make the country at large interested in “supporting a religious zealot and armchair militarist of Santorum’s stripe.” And with the economy improving, “the market for political extremism is shrinking anyway.”

3. Many conservatives still have eyes for Newt
In 2008, Santorum “was fighting to get former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney elected,” says Chuck Norris at WorldNetDaily. It’s still baffling that “an alleged conservative like Santorum would fight for the flip-flopping Massachusetts moderate” when there were real conservatives, like Mike Huckabee, in the race. “How can the ‘alternative to Romney’ also be a Romney supporter?” He can’t. That’s why, for many of us on the Right, Newt Gingrich is still the only true conservative alternative to Romney.

4. Nobody’s endorsing Santorum
Santorum’s victories last week in Missouri, Minnesota, and Colorado have “not resulted in a flood of endorsements from prominent conservatives, or even a trickle,” says Steve Kornacki at Salon. Facing a massive financial disadvantage against Mitt, “it’s critical for Santorum to have loud, influential Republican opinion-shapers making his case and defending him against Romney’s attacks.” Maybe GOP leaders just don’t want Santorum.

5. Swing voters don’t like him — even in his home state
Santorum likes to say he’s the only GOP candidate who “has actually won a swing state.” But six years ago, as a senator seeking a third term, “Santorum proved he can also lose in such a politically competitive state — and lose big,” says Julie Hirschfeld Davis at Bloomberg. Santorum lost his last race in the swing state he calls home by a whopping 18 percentage points. Apparently he’s not as popular with the undecided “Republicans who will determine who gets the party’s nomination,” not to mention the independents who could swing the general election in November.

I know a lot of social conservatives are praying for a Santorum win and finally the nomination….but sorry guys….he will soon be toast…..and believe me…if he is the nominee he will lose and lose badly in the general in November…..


12 thoughts on “Sorry But Rick Will Not last

  1. I agree he will not last because women are smarter than he gives them credit for. As my wife stated earlier, Repubs want govt out of our lives unless you are a women, then they want govt all up in your vagina.

      1. Lary, yep…..but i cannot imagine what woman would even consider Rick as presidential material…he live in the 17th century….

  2. Your arguments are well-reasoned and convincing. I still hope you are wrong. A “balls versus brains” election would be so much more enjoyable than one about the conflict between two ambiguous clouds of gas.

    1. Thanx Mikey and welcome aboard…..I will agree that it would be an enjoyable campaign season…..I hope he wins in Michigan because i want to see how far and out there he can get before the nomination…..

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