Is Pinochet Still Dead?

Once and awhile I turn my attentions to thew international scene…there are times when the world needs to be reminded of some disgusting situations from the past…back in the dark days of the 70’s there was a prick of a dictator, one Pinochet that lead a coup that overthrew the first popularly elected socialist president of Chile…..for those that do not remember the days…it sucked to be a Chilean leftist…it meant prison, torture and finally death…some 28,000 to be somewhat close…..Pinochet was eventually forced from office and became an instant international human rights fugitive….he eventually died….(I am sure that thousands of Chileans celebrated)…..

I know…this is old news, right?….hang in there …there is a method to my madness….

There has been a presidential election in Chile with some interesting back stories…..

Pinera, 60, won the contest against one-time President Eduardo Frei, a Christian Democrat, unseating the center-left coalition that had governed Chile since dictator Augusto Pinochet was forced from power in 1990.

The victory marks a political shift in Chile, a nation of 17 million people that straddles 4,100 kilometers (2,547 miles) of the Andes Mountains from its northern border with Peru to the Cape Horn.

In the 2010 election, Chileans chose a president with ties to the dictator who led the 1973 coup that left Socialist President Salvador Allende dead. Pinera managed a 1989 presidential campaign for Hernan Buchi, Pinochet’s former finance minister.

Pinera won with the support of two parties founded by former Pinochet collaborators — the National Renovation party and the Independent Democratic Union. Two of Pinera’s top campaign advisers held posts in the dictatorship and a third is a former Pinochet minister.

Pinera, a Harvard University-trained economist and former Citigroup Inc. executive, said during his campaign that he embraces Pinochet’s economic policies of cutting corporate taxes and encouraging investing in the country, and abhors the rule of terror.

Okay Chile has a new president, what is the big deal?……This guy says he was opposed to Pinchet’s Reign of terror, but yet he runs campaigns for some of his closest allies….apparently Pinochet’s policies help make this guy wealthy, so he says he likes the economic policies and that is about it….

The center left parties have been popular since the Pinochet days and the current president has a 80% approval rating but she cannot run consecutively, so this guy is a rightist and leftist policies are popular so how will this new president play out for the next 4 years?  Will he go to any lengths to secure his policies? Even to the extreme?


11 thoughts on “Is Pinochet Still Dead?

  1. Only time will tell, I’m afraid and I hope and pray (well I would if I believed in prayer, but you know what I mean) that your fears are groundless.

    However, there is one general point that I would like to make… whilst it is a fact that right wing economic policies often tend to make the wealthy even wealthier without necessarily doing much if anything at all for the poorest in our societies, it’s a fact that I have seen endlessly that even well organised economies run on socialist, left-wing principles almost without fail make pretty well EVERYONE in that country poorer, simply because the capitalist world (where most of the existing money resides) doesn’t want to know them and invest there – and why would it?

    Under such systems, money is usually taken from the capitalists and all others who are not absolutely “dirt poor” and given to the poorest after wasting probably 90-95% of it on the politicians themselves and their daft ideas and on damn fool bureaucracy.

    How can anyone ever make that add up to something sensible?

    1. This guy hated the violence but loved the economics…..that is just an opportunist in my opinion…..he is just as guilty as Pinochet….

      1. Because he did nothing to halt the policies that he abhorred……… me as lo9ng as he made cash….nothing was too much wrong…..

  2. “…so he says he likes the economic policies and that is about it….” There is no separation here. Pinochet’s economic policies and his policies of terror and torture were one and the same.

  3. Of course Pinochet was quite a bit smarter than the shit for brains Chicago School folks who came to advise him, including Friedman. You can imagine what he and the military officers who ran his regime had to say about these clueless shits when they left the room, in particular Friedman, who really did believe his own messy theories, and always was too dense to figure out that the people he thought he was using as tools were incapable of being manipulated. The vision of Friedman as some sort of political genius, built up even by the left, is ridiculous. He was a dumb ugly-American academic stumbling about in a world full of monsters he couldn’t possibly comprehend. He was their bitch, and never the other way around. Pathetic little man.

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