Thoughts Without Posts #6

This is a continuation of the post I do for notes that I have made but did not make it into a full fledged post…questions, insights, musings and rants….

1–When did instant coffee become ready brew coffee?

2–Politicians playing politics during a national disaster should be arrested and immediately stripped of there ranking in Congress or whatever organization they are employed in….

3–Conservs are the ones that bitch and moan the most about big government and creeping socialism…..yet they bitch and moan that the government should be controlling the oil spill clean-up…..this is why I have the problem with conservs….they seldom stick to what they bitch about…

4–Meg Whitman, Repub candidate for governor of California has spent $80 million in her campaigning…..think about that for a minute….$80 million to win control of a bankrupt state…is her ego really worth $80 million?  BTW, $68 million of that is her own money.

5–The media is abscessing on the Sestak thing, where the admin offered him Dept. of Navy if he would not run against Specter…..that type of thing happens all the time…why is it so much a story now?  Looks they want to set the agenda for the news cycle……

6–for months now the media has been killing Senate majority leader Reid in his re-election attempt…saying that he was all but dead politically…..oops they may have been wrong….

He trails Lowden (42-39%) and Tarkanian (42-41%), but he leads Angle, 42-39%. In mid-April, he trailed Lowden, 47-37%, and he trailed Tarkanian by 11 points the last time the two were matched up head-to-head, in late Feb.

7–More on Sestak…..someone in the GOP needs to tell these people to shut up…I mean Cheney’s secret meeting with oil companies could be construed as inappropriate and worthy of an investigation… is all so much waste of time….move on to the important things…..

8–Fergie is pissing in her corn flakes, but this is just too good to pass up……

With how much she’s been in the news lately, is it any surprise that the already-disgraced Duchess of York is now in the middle of her very own sex scandal? In its “bombshell report,” creatively titled “Fergie slept with rich men for ca$h,” the Globe claims Sarah Ferguson got $450,000 for sleeping with two oil tycoons. Of course, if you want the details (we’d like to know why she’s raking it in but still broke), you’re going to have to buy a copy of the tab.

I like red heads but so far I have not seen one worth that price tag for sex….sorry  Fergie!

9–Recent a crony of GW Bush said, “History will sort the Bush presidency out”…thinking……would that be the same history that leaves Jefferson out of the history books or maybe the same as relabeling the slave trade as “A Triangle trade”…my point is it will be left up to who writes the history…you can bet your butt that it will be a revisionist…..

A Special Thanks To My Readers

I like to commemorate special events that happen on this blog with a post of thanks or whatever needs to be said…….

For the first time since I began Info Ink I have had more comments than posts….I would like to thank my loyal readers and especially those who take the time to comment on a post.

A special thanks goes out to Terrant of My Corner To Vent and the followers on Why We Worry and all others that have participated….and a super thanks to Quin of Quintessential Havoc for keeping me on my toes……Please go to blogroll and participate on these blogs…they are thoughtful and insightful….

Thanx again guys… help make the experience worthwhile………

2010 Easter Comment

The year is speeding along…seems like yesterday I was wishing everyone a Happy New Year….and look…in a blink it is Easter…..

First, do you know what I am giving up for Lent?……..(pause)…..Nothing!…I am not a Catholic……..

I would like to once again to thank my readers for their participation….they make the hours of reading and research all that worthwhile………a special thanx to Quin, Terrant and Chris……I appreciate all the thought provoking comments….

I wish that everyone have a great day and enjoys family, friends and food….I am taking a short pause from the mental masturbation and I will be back Monday……

Random Thoughts

As a regular feature, these are my notes that did not make it into a post and want to get feedback from my readers.

1–What the hell is “cross wheel drive”?

2–I have an idea of Time magazine.  Make the” Man Of The Year”–the CREDIT CARD.  It can symbolize the economic crisis which is all about the credit and its influence on the population.

3–If the Big 3 go bust and you have a car under warranty you will be screwed.  Under bankruptcy all obligations are terminated and a warranty is an obligation.  Merry Christmas!

4–During this Xmas season, take a look at the presents you buy and receive–how many of them were made in the US?  Very few.  We are no longer a manufacturing country, but a nation of consumers.

5–Dell computers has outsourced their tech support to India, but if you would like to talk to someone in the US–it will cost you $12.95 a month.  Not bad, charge people to talk to an American…now that is a great idea!  (sarcasm intended)

6–How would someone do something illegal and then post it on youtube or facebook?

7– Congress will be getting a pay raise when the new Congress convenes in January.

8–A kidnapping expert in Mexico has been kidnapped…..sorry but that is just damn funny!

Random Thoughts

This has become a regular feature, that is notes that I have taken that have not yet made it into a post.  I make a lot of notes daily on the news and such and just cannot always find the time or space to make a post.  So I offer them to my readers for their comments.  Have fun!

1–Economic indicators–credit defaults rising; Housing falling

Govt food programs helped 11.9 million in 2007 and in 2008 it has risen to 29.5 million.

2–did you guys know that for every $1 of food stamps that is used, it generates $1.73 in economy activity?

3–Did you know that AIG will use bailout cash to rennovate esec offices and save the exec buffet?

4–Corporate layoffs up 148% over ’07.

5–Splenda–taste like sugar, made from sugar but not sugar—thinking–plastic is made from oil, but it is still a petroleum product….so what is Splenda.

6–GM is worth about $3 billion and they want a loan of $12 billion–not a bad deal—could you get a deal like that on your house?

7–How can the media blame the baby boomers for the economic crisis…why?…they try to blame them for everything that has gone wrong lately.

8–More bad news–Food Stamp program will be up by at least 17% this year.

Why Do They Keep Injecting Race?

The media that is.

As the Obama team rolls out their picks for the various position the media reports on it by stated that “She will be the first African-American to hold the position”  Or that he will be the first African-American in the AG’s office.  Or…well you get the idea……

This past election has proven that most Americans have moved past the race thing, but somehow the media has to keep injecting it into the conversation.  Why?

I realize that the media thinks at most of us mortals are ignorant dolts,  but I do not think that most of us need their unsolicited help.  We are a visually aided society and I think that most Americans can determine what a persons ethnic origins are.  Well, I guess there are some that will need assistence in this area, but most of us can do it all by ourselves.

May I suggest that it is time to let that crap go.  Time to move on and report the news and stop the commentaries.

Random Thoughts

This is a regular feature on Info Ink, it is notes that I have made but that did not necessarily make it into a post.

To begin with, it is Thanksgiving and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all my readers a joyous day; enjoy the fun, food and family and I will see you the day after.  Thanx for the visits and the comments they are much appreciated.

And now for something completely different (to quote Monty Python)

1–Do you realiuze that $33 trillion worth of wealth has been lost since the first of the year?

2–Could Bowflex have found a more pretentious bunch to hawk their product?

3–Just what the hell does “Economic Patriotism” mean?

4–Tiger Woods gets dumped from Buick–about a $7 million cut in pay

5–Without China and the Saudis the US economy would not exist.

6–How many times can the politicos in the media say the word “transparency”?  22 times in a 5 minute interview.

7–Anne Coulter has had to have her mouth wired shut–see!  there is a GOD!

8–Question?  If gas is falling like a lead balloon, how much has an airline ticket dropped?

9–On T/giving day a group will be running “Thank you, Sarah Palin” ad.  Is that a good idea?  I mean she was interviewed in front of a turkey killing machine in action.  Would that not remind people just how callous this woman is?

That is all for now…Peace….Out

Where To Put Your Trust

Recently I wrote an offensive post, which I warned everyone about, and got very few people that are upset as I am. That leads me to believe that of all the people who read this post somehow trust the government to fix the problem of the tanking economy. Thinking…….. Trust? These guys? Are you smoking dope?

You trusted these people on Iraq and it got over 5000 Americans killed. You trusted these people to act in the best interest of the people and they gave a war that is crippling people and the economy. You trusted these people to go get Osama and he still operates in Afghanistan. You trusted these people to be civil and they gave you Abu Ghreb. You trusted them to be the stewards of the economy and they gave you a deepening recession. You trusted these people with $700 billion to fix the economy and it got worse. You trust them to represent the interests in Washington and they give you corruption and scandal. Why I God’s name would you continue to trust them? They have failed you at every turn. They have chosen big corporations over the taxpayer time and time again. Why would you continue to trust these people?

I was always told that trust had to be earned and yet the American people blindly put there trust in people that have NO proven trust record. Why? Is it the belief that they cannot be any worse than their predecessors? If so, that has not been the case in 50 years.

Who do you trust? Apparently the people cannot trust their judgement. That has been flawed on so many levels in the last 50+ years. What about the people that lead us, that would make us trust them? Questions. So many questions. Answers. Not so many.

That brings us back to the original question: Where to put your trust? The only answer I have is the saying, “Stupidity is the deliberate cultivation of Ignorance”. What is your answer?

The Roof Is On Fire–Warning: Post May Be offensive!

Before I begin I would like to apologize to any readers that this post may offend.  I am angry and I have about had enough, so if four letter words disturb you–DO NOT READ THIS POST!

The roof is on fire–Let the mother fucker burn!

Am I the only person that is this angry at the way the government is playing this damn stupid bailout?  $700 billion and who has it fucking helped?  Goldman Sachs, AIG, the rest of the big corporate cocksuckers.  American people are fucking stupid!  They allow this shit to continue and they still believe that the governm,ent is working in their best interest.  Wake up stupid!  If you are not a CEO or a large financial institution, you are getting NOTHING except a good fucking and since we are so meek about it–WE DESERVE THE FUCKING WE GET!

Look at the news–AIG gets another bailout on to the one they have–AIG has another luxury week trip to a resort in Phoenix, this time.  American Express is becoming a bank so they can rip off some of the taxpayers fucking money.  The shit sucking banks, the large ones, are milking the taxpayer of everything they are worth, literally and physically.  And the best fucking part, is they, the taxpayer, know they are fucked and they smile and give them more money.

Just how fucking stupid do you have to be?  The goddamn bailout was NEVER about helping Main Street it was always about what is good for Wall Street and FUCK THE PEOPLE!  In the rush to save a parasitic system the government is acting as an agent of Wall Street not the representative of the people.  Is this what those “Founding Fathers” had in mind?  Probably since all those cocksuckers were rich assholes from the “colonies”.

Do you feel like a cheap whore?  You should!

The American people ever find their spine, they should demand that the government back off and let the mother fuckers crash and burn.  Fuck the assholes–they made their own beds–Let them lie in them for awhile.  But first Americans must find if they have the balls to stand up for what is right–My guess is they are fucking wimps and will allow this shit to continue.  You will confront some asshole that scratches you car, but are a pussy at confronting a government that is butt fucking you silly.  One person cannot do it!  It must be the people that decide when enough is enough.  Personally that time has long past!

So you think I am being a prick?  That is cool, but name me one individual family that has been helped out by the bailout……(I will give you a moment for reflection)……Nothing, huh?

If the reader is offended, I apologize, but you know the old saying, “The truth hurts”.  If your feelings are hurt–then good–YOU WERE WARNED!