Go With Your Strengths

In case you have a life….Romney wins Maine and the CPAC straw poll……

BY now we Americans have had our fill of the bullsh*t about contraceptives and sex……some in the GOP seem to want women to have less sex and limiting their access to contraception will help achieve that goal….I personally think that it’s a fool’s chore and people will have sex without or with contraception…..and why would Repubs be so aginst sex….they seem to enjoy it more than anyone….why would I say this?

An interesting turn reported on Newser……..

Here’s a tidbit stunning enough to interruptus your coitus: Republicans—no, make that conservative Republicans—report the highest rate of orgasms, according to a new sex poll. More than half of those who identified themselves as conservative Republicans said they reached orgasm almost every time they had sex, compared with just 40% of liberal Democrats, according to a new 6,000-subject “Singles in America” survey by Binghamton University in conjunction with Match.com. The downside? They report having less sex, reports the Daily Beast, which got an early sneak-peek at the poll. Some other hot news the singles survey uncovered: Guys are actually into romance and commitment, ambitious women turn men on, and good sex is vitally important to women when they’re picking a mate. Half of women polled say that “bad sex” would be a deal-breaker in a relationship, compared with 44% of men. More men—43%—than women—33%—think it’s acceptable for males to be a stay-at-home Mr. Mom. And 80% of both genders say they believe that housework and childcare should not be left only to women. The come-away for candidates is the finding that American singles don’t like their politicians to cheat. While only a third of those surveyed don’t think fidelity is a “must have” in their own lives, 9 out of 10 believe there are “no acceptable excuses” for politicians to cheat, notes the Beast.

Keep this in mind when considering what to pursue in the endless quest for that perfect partner……


How To Be Popular

My last day of much needed Zen and I was looking for something that would end my time in relaxation mode……it took some time but I found one that would put the skip in your step…….

If you are an insomniac like myself you have seen or at least heard the info-mericals on that dreaded disease……erectile dysfunction ….all the gimmicks….daily pills…..super pills…..the little blue pill and the Swedish penis pump……my bad….it was re-named…..the Acu-Vac……but is there something that you do not have to take religiously or stick the wanker in Hoover….is there not anything that can help?

While reading about Iran for stuff for posts I came across the miracle answer to my question….

David Edwards at Raw Story came to my rescue with his piece……

A Iranian who set out to get a pithy phrase tattooed on his penis got a little more than he bargained for.

The unnamed 21-year-old asked for the words “borow be salaamat” — translated as “good luck with your journeys” — and his girlfriend’s initial, “M,” on his penis and ended up with a semi-permanent erection as a bonus.

Doctors from the Kermanshah University of Medical Sciences in Kermanshah, Iran diagnosed the man with a non-ischemic priapism, a condition where blood flowing out of the penis is not sufficient enough to shrink the erection.

The Mayo Clinic defines an arteriovenous fistula as an “abnormal connection between an artery and a vein.”

In the case of the Iranian man, doctors had to implant a shunt in his penis, allowing the excess blood to drain.

“Predictably, the procedure was unsuccessful,” the study authors noted. “Because of the painless nature of erections, moderately good preservation of erectile function during intercourses, and disappointment with former surgery, the patient has declined to undergo further therapies, and lives with his condition.”

If you want to be more popular with the ladies….there is your answer…..take your Johnson out for a little ink…

The Question That Begs To Be Answered

Well, it is Sunday and my last day of nothingness…Tomorrow I return to the world  of hype and innuendo….commonly or jokingly referred to as politics……

But first there are some questions that just begged to be answered…Does Nessie exist?  Or is God listening?  Why are we here?  What is the meaning of life?  or ……well, you get the picture…..recently a very funny man asked a question that begs to be answered….watch the video and you decide……http://huff.to/o1ZcHS

Sorry, but this is the best question ever asked!

And the answer is!  Ding…..ding….

This May Be A Bit Sexist

If you think so….sorry….but at least I will write the truth….if it offends….so be it…..

First of all, when did men start using facials and removing all their body hair? Sorry, I digress…this about women……

As a girl watcher for many, many years…I have seen trends come and go….mostly go….but the one that has hung on and on simply makes me ill…..I like women to look like a woman…..not some chiseled piece of granite with all the warmth of said stone…..

I am talking about fake blondes with NO butt and less boobs…..women use to have some curves about them and it was very enjoyable for us watchers….but in today’s world we have women with thighs the same shape as their calves….they have a straight line from shoulder to foot…..zero curves……very attractive if you doing a piece on stick people……

It use to be a compliment to say a woman could crack walnuts with her thighs….today women cannot get them close enough together to crack a cantaloupe….where is the the fun there?  We dare NOT talk about a sexual position from behind…the sight would scare a UFC fighter……

I am at least happy that I lived in a time when women looked like women and NOT a tree limb…..trying to be healthy is one thing, but trying to look like a heroine addict is just plain disgusting…….these types are all about appearance and nothing as far as substance goes….kinda like the American society we have today……superficiality is about all they have to offer and are about as interesting as watching flies mate……but if I want to have sex with something that skinny……something thin and solid….I will hump a flag pole!

Thoughts Without Posts #1

In my daily grind of reading and writing I make about a bazillion notes that I think would make an informative post….unfortunately only a few are worthy of my time and effort…..so I try to let my readers know what goes on in my worm infested brain that continuously refuses to shut down…the list below are some of the thoughts without posts…..

1–When did the Swedish penis pump become the Post-T-Vac?  And why would Medicare pay for it?

2–When did poker become a sport?

3–Why would the Prez suggest more nuke power plants and then close down the ONLY repository for the spent fuel?

4–Every right wing nut has accused Obama and basically all Dems as being socialist….just a thought here….”The Pledge of Allegiance”. The Pledge was written by the Rev. Francis Bellamy, a Christian pastor and Socialist Party member. Bellamy did not mention the Creator, because as a minister, he believed that blasphemous. He wrote the rest of the Pledge as we say it today.  I wish people would stop and think about sh*t before they speak.

5–Rename a war….why?  Ever notice it always something that does not really describe war in all its horror?

6–What is the point of buying a gadget that breaks an egg for you?  Americans are truly lazy….look at a salad shooter….

7–Tiger Woods has a televised apology—–my reaction…..YAWN!

8–you realize that if cocaine gave you a throbbing erection you could buy it in a drug store……Pfizer would have some cute little title for it…..and Medicare would pay for it…..

9–Who decides when a dog food is gourmet?  Do they test them on poor people?

10-A new study shows that the use of medical marijuana can be good for you….what is the difference between regular weed and medical weed?  Does that mean that regular weed is not good for you?

11-At the recent CPAC Dick Cheney when introduced was met with the cheer “Run Dick Run”…..just the other day he was put in the hospital (again)….and if he ran and won the White House Oval Office would have to be moved to Bethesda Naval Hospital…he spends more time there than in bed with his wife….

12-Ron Paul wins the CPAC straw vote of president…….A POST TO FOLLOW….

13-Did I hear it right?…..pole dancing to be a exhibition sport in one of the next Olympics?  COOL!  Cannot wait to see the uniforms……

To Be Continued…..

The Pubic Option

Nope that is not a typo!

Yep I said P-U-B-I-C option……..NO I did not mean public option……

Do I have everyone’s attention…I assume so since sex posts seem to get the most traffic on some blogs…..then I shall explain myself…..

The health debate has been raging for months…..lots of slinging of innuendos, misinformation and out right lies has come to the point where the inevitable was predicted….abortion…..the health debate has come to symbolize a woman’s vagina and seemingly has NOTHING to do with the people and adequate health care…it is all about the government intrusion into a person’s pubic region.

You have one of the yellow dogs, Stupak that threw an anti-abortion amendment into the House bill….and it has support within the Democratic Party.  Evewn thought the party stands for a woman’s right to decide what is to been done with her pubic area.

This is becoming a tired and lame argument to stall any legislation…..according to the law it is NOT illegal for a woman to chooce what to do with her vagina and yet there are some mental midgets that want to dictate to a woman what is to be done with her pubic and that she NOT be given an Option to choose.  The people that emphasize the pro-life program are the same people that does not want the government to dictate anything to them that it is their choice…..like owning a gun….but yet they have no problem interjecting themselves into a woman’s rights.

Hey dipsticks!  We cannot legislate morality!  While I do not approve of abortion…it is a personal decision that is to be made by the woman that has the vagina…it is none of anyone’s business but hers….. and hers alone. To dictate to this woman is to violate the Constitution, but if that is their decision then I say let us start looking at guns……

Maybe I should have titled this post….The Pubic War!

Who Wears The Pants?

With the only hot air in Washington being the temperature, the health debate is not making the airwaves, at least for the day, not much happening, it is Sexy Sunday, but this sunday it is about what is right.

As reported in Reuters:

Sudan has barred Lubna Hussein, a woman who faces 40 lashes for wearing trousers in violation of decency laws, from traveling abroad, she said Tuesday.Hussein said she tried to leave for Lebanon Tuesday after a television channel asked her to appear in a program there.

Hussein was arrested at a party in July and, with 12 other women, charged with being indecently dressed. A former reporter, Hussein has publicized her case, posing in loose trousers for photos and calling journalists to support her.

Women’s groups, and protestors supporting Hussein at a hearing last week, have complained the law gives no clear definition of indecency and gives individual police officers the power to decide whether or not a woman is indecently dressed.

Her defense lawyer Nabil Adib Abdalla told Reuters that Hussein, who is on bail, should be free to travel. To bar her from travel, he said a court would have to issue a specific order and Hussein would have the right to challenge it.

Ten of the other women arrested with Hussein have pleaded guilty and have been whipped, Hussein previously said.

Hussein’s hearing has been adjourned to September 7. The judge said this was to investigate whether Hussein has immunity from prosecution because she was working as a press officer for the United Nations at the time of her arrest.

I realize that it is the custom in this country or that…but come on….should not there be more to worry about than a woman in pants?  Sorry, but I just do not see that as something that is that pressing or that important.

2009 Anal-Ocity

Believe me, I cannot make this stuff up…..my imagination is good but damn!  not that good.

Recently the state of Florida the legislature was dealing with a bill dealing with bestiality.  The bill was amended to target only those who derived or helped others derive “sexual gratification” from an animal. The amendment specified that conventional dog-judging contests and animal-husbandry practices are permissible.

Wait for it!  Here is the Anal part!

That last provision tripped up Miami Democratic Sen. Larcenia Bullard.

“People are taking these animals as their husbands? What’s husbandry?” she asked.

Okay…I have laughed enough at this….just goes to show that one does not have to be a smart person to be a politician just electable.


The fertility clinic operator who grabbed headlines with his promise to help parents create “designer babies” has backed away from the plan—for the moment.

Dr. Jeff Steinberg, director of The Fertility Institutes, earlier this year had offered parents the opportunity to select their future offspring’s hair, eye and skin color by genetically testing embryos.

After an outcry, he changed his mind. “Though well intended, we remain sensitive to public perception and feel that any benefit the diagnostic studies may offer are far outweighed by the apparent negative societal impacts involved,” according to a statement posted on the clinic’s Web site this week.

Fertility experts were quick to note that science didn’t support Steinberg’s marketing pitch. Although embryos created through assisted reproduction can be tested for some genetic defects, the science of selecting cosmetic traits based on DNA data is not even close to being well established.

“The truth is that we cannot (yet) reliably test embryos for eye color, hair color, skin tones and other ‘cosmetic’ features,” warned a statement from the Center for Human Reproduction, a fertility clinic. “It will still take years before all of this will become technically even feasible.”

Distaste for the service that Steinberg promoted was widespread. Writing on her blog The Fertility Advocate, Pamela Madsen, founder of the American Fertility Association, said:
“Some things do need to have some sacred space around it. And the creation of life and the end of life is one of those things that deserves sacred space.”

Is it just me or does this sound a lot like eugenics?

How To Deal With A recession

Dunno if I will handle it this way, but it is an idea.

Less sex, more depression, and heartfelt ballads topping the charts are likely to be among the side-effects of the slumping economy, researchers say.

The emotional toll depends on how long a downturn lasts but can be a major burden for people already at risk for depression or anxiety, he says, and research suggests suicide rates rise, though he stresses that’s a rare extreme reaction.

Others may try to soothe their nerves with alcohol, Quirion says, while marital problems may spike because couples are stressed about money or falling prey to cabin fever when a tightened budget keeps them at home and on each other’s nerves.

The economic crisis is even trickling down to the extramarital companions of wealthy individuals. Twelve per cent have given up their opposite-sex lovers “for financial reasons” in the past six months, according to a survey of 191 people worth at least $20 million, but that breaks down to 10.4 per cent of wealthy men and just 1.6 per cent of women.

Based on previous buying habits, Nielsen research firm has deemed carbonated beverages, eggs, cups and plates and tobacco are most likely to be trimmed from household budgets, while dry pasta, candy, beer and pasta sauces are considered “recession-proof.”

So the conclusion is during a recession there will be less sex, more booze and blues on the radio.