New Years Day–2017

Out with the old and in with the new…..

We begin another glorious year….many surprises are awaiting us on the horizon….some will be good while others not so much…..

It is raining and cold here…pretty damn dismal…I do hope this not any indication of the year to come….

As I start my 11th year of blogging I look forward to the visits by my followers and commenters…we have had a good 2016 now let’s make 2017 even better.

Today will be filled with food, fun, football and family… safe and be well…I will return tomorrow with a full schedule of posts…until then……

Thank you for your support and I look forward to 2017….

Have a joyous day and see ya tomorrow.


Happy New Year–2016

Out with the old (2015) and in with the new (2016)……today people all over the world will be celebrating the birth of a new year…..let us pray that it will be better than the past year.

I wish to thank all my readers for making my blog, In Saner Thought, a success……it may not be the fastest growing or the most influential but to me it is a huge success.

I have 1340+ followers, that means that those people get my posts as they are published,  with 215,244 hits….I have posted 9075 articles with an average of 350 words each then that is about 3.2 million words total (damn ….now I know why I have arthritis in my fingers)….with a total of 25,201 comments (the best part of writing a blog)…..

Today I will take a day off from posting and course prep work and spend some time with family….a little down time can do only good, right?

Thanx one and all for all your support and comments over the past year….I truly appreciate all the debates and exchanges over the past year……we may not always agree but at least we are exchanging ideas and opinions…..

I hope that this year will be as productive as the past…..

So go now…..enjoy family, fun and football (if that is your thing)…..we will be back at it tomorrow…..please know that I cherish each and every one of my followers….without you IST would not be worthwhile.

Peace, my friends.

Info Ink Retrospective

So ends another year and a time to look back on whether Info Ink is doing what I originally intended……

I started my blog as a way to rehab after my leg was crushed thanx to that bitch Katrina….I also wanted to try help people understand politics, theory and philosophy a little better….not trying to convince people to my way of thinking (but if they did I would be eternally grateful)…….I hope I have succeeded a bit and have been helpful……

In the beginning it was a place for me to cut and paste info from Middle East newspapers during the last Israel/Lebanon conflict….since the days of my employment in the Middle East I still read read Arab language newspapers and there was reporting that was seldom seen in the US….so I decide to let their own words speak to the conflict……

But once I began posting I realized what a great outlet for my talents of observation….and began writing on subjects that I had tried to leave behind years ago…politics and economics……and it has become more successful than I had thought it would be…..I thought it would just be my rambling thoughts with little or no interest…..I was wrong!

I have tried to give my readers information that I feel they need know to be knowledgeable voter and citizen….in doing so I have not had the success that I had anticipated…..I cannot decide if people just do not care or have I misinterpreted what people want to read…I believe it is the later more than anything.

I have wrestled with myself with the idea of changing the content of Info Ink and deciding on a possible new direction…..but what direction?  Would it be more gossip?  Or maybe more tech stuff?  In trying to decide I fell back to something my grandfather said when I first started writing…..”It is better to write for yourself and have no one than to write for everybody and have NO self”……so my decision was made, thanx to my grandfather, I will continue on this line of posting and not compromise my principles……

As this year ends I would like to post on what is happening at Info Ink….it has been an excellent year, I got new and prolific viewers….Larry at Woodgate’s View, Spinny at Spinny Liberal, Hansi of Hansishallucinations, Phillip of Darklynoon, vjack of Red State Progressive, jolly roger of Plutocrap, Dusty of Leftwing Nut Job, Kendrick of Prince and Little Prince, Don of Doninmass  all to go with my long time regulars like Quin of Quintessential Havoc (who has since decided to leave), Terrant of My Corner To Rant and Chris of Why We Worry (who is taking a sabbatical)… can go to blogroll and visit all these sites….they are interesting and well informed…..go…visit…often!  We have had many guest over the past year and some really great comments and participation……and if I left anyone out…I apologize.

To date I have gotten 97,226  hits,  10, 111  comments,  posted 4844  posts and blocked a whopping 199,168       spam….I also started publishing a daily paper, The Daily Agitator (go to blogroll and visit it when you have the time)………all in all a GREAT year!

Thank you everyone!  I appreciate and enjoy our times together and I hope to have a long and fruitful friendship with you all….may we all have a good and fruitful 2012….it may prove to be an interesting year……I think it will to silly as well as interesting and entertaining….I look forward to everyone’s input.

Also if you have any ideas you would like to see me do on Info Ink, please feel free to let me know and I will see what I can do……may we all have a great 2012……once again Thank you all!

New Years Message

Finally, 2010 is over with all the heart ache, BS and total lunacy and now we come to 2011……a new year?  Does that mean stuff will change?  (pause here for rib hurting laughter)……..NOT likely…but we can hope….HOPE!…you know that stuff that we had at the end of the 2008 election cycle… NOT hold your breath!

Take a day to spend with family, food, fun and football…..and I hope we have a good year together, as good if not better than last year……

Happy New Year, my friends…..

A New Years Note–2010

Well guys another year has gone by and we are starting a new one…..I can only hope that this year will have all the drama, humor and crisis that the past one did….

Once again I am going to take one of my few days of Zen and will get back to the stuff I do best….BITCH!  I hope that all my readers have a great New Years Day….enjoy the fun, food, frolic and football….we can get back to the stuff dreams are made of tomorrow…..or should I say nightmares?

Hope all you guys have a great New Year and look forward to all the debate……

Peace   Out