It’s That ‘Whiteness’ Thing

What got my attention was something a regular inductee to my ‘Can’t Fix Stupid’ files, Rep. Taylor-Green has uttered which puts her firmly back in the files…..

Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) offered a full-throttled embrace of Christian nationalism over the weekend while attending the Turning Point USA Student Action Summit in Florida.

Speaking to the right-wing Next News Network on Saturday, Greene was asked what she believes should be the “primary focus of the GOP going into 2022?”

Greene responded by saying it was a “tough question” but quickly focused on the one issue she thinks the GOP needs to stand for above all else.

“We need to be the party of nationalism. And I’m a Christian. I say it proudly we should be Christian nationalists,” she said.

“And when Republicans learn to represent most the people that vote for them, then we will be the party that continues to grow without having to chase down certain identities or chase down, you know, certain segments of people,” added Greene in an odd statement that appeared to acknowledge non-Christian as “segments of people” the party will give up representing.


This witch is clueless….apparently she does not realize that her party is already the party of Christian Nationalism…..basically the GOP has turned into the party of Christo-Fascism…..

The GOP is a party that is afraid…..afraid of minorities….afraid of education…..afraid of the voter……basically a party running scared.

Where did this insanity begin and why?

Research shows that this theme of whiteness as power and unity has persisted even as the boundaries of whiteness have shifted.

As European powers colonised various parts of the world, they implemented and refined racial categories. In colonial Barbados, 17th-century labour codes described indentured Europeans as “white” and gave them more rights than enslaved Africans on that basis. This ensured that the two groups would not unite in rebellion against wealthy planters. As African American studies expert Edward B Rugemer has argued, this also “codified racial distinction as a tool of mastery” and was replicated in Jamaica and South Carolina. Crucially, it hinged on the fact that enslaved Black people had no legally recognised rights, whereas European-born white servants did. Slave status was for life, without recourse, and heritable.

What has made whiteness such an enduringly powerful tool is its “nonsense logic”, as writer Robert P Baird recently put it – how ill-defined it is as a label. It can, and has been, defined in whatever way best serves to consolidate power for the ruling group.

Echoing the division between enslaved people and indentured servants centuries earlier, working-class people in the 20th century were pitted against one another by appeals to whiteness.

Then there is the CRT thing…..”CRT makes white kids feel guilty”  That is a LIE!

The wave of state legislation and school board policies restricting what educators can and can’t teach shows no signs of slowing. These efforts rely on a narrative that learning about the history of racism and white supremacy harms students — particularly white students, leaving them feeling guilty and ashamed. We emphatically reject this narrative; it in no way matches our combined 30-plus years of experience as public school teachers.

It is not teaching about racism that endangers our students, but the curricular gag-rules that seek to perpetuate their miseducation.

Our use of the term “miseducation” comes from the 1933 Carter G. Woodson text, “The Mis-education of the Negro.” Woodson argued that the struggle for education was not just about access, but also curricula. How could formal education be liberatory for a child if “the inferiority of the Negro is drilled into him in almost every class he enters and in almost every book he studies?” Woodson was also clear that racist curricula affect Black and white children. To those who claimed children were too young to confront the history of racism in the classroom, Woodson replied:

OPINION: Why the narrative that critical race theory ‘makes white kids feel guilty’ is a lie

Another made-up wedge issue that is nothing but falsehoods and out right LIES!

The GOP has been running scared for 50 years and this is just the accumulation of all that fear….they had rather destroy the foundation of American democracy than work with an all inclusive program.

The only tool we as citizens is our vote….we cannot afford to bribe the politicians like companies but we can ban together and make our presence and feelings known.

Will this do any good?

Probably not….but at least they will be participants and not spectators.

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16 thoughts on “It’s That ‘Whiteness’ Thing

  1. If MTG does not end her days in a mental hospital staring at the wall, I will eat my (straw) hat!
    The people that vote for her must be worse than she is, or simply delusional. I do worry about America, my friend. I really do. It is like Alice In Wonderland. Except the rabbit hole is the size oi a continent.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. Don’t know anything about Rep. Taylor-Green, but using that quote to call her a racist her a racist is just absurd. Using the mere utterance the word mis-education to demonstrate someone is a racist is just weird.

    All Liberal Democrats prove with such nonsense is an obsession with racial politics. It is why blacks are beginning to figure out why voting for Christian nationalists makes more sense than voting for Marxists who pretend to care.

    Think! Jesus was a Jew. His apostles were Jews. One of the first converts was an Ethiopian. The Bible all of us are made in the image of God. Yet prideful men will twist anything, even the Bible, to promote themselves over other men.

    Nationalism is not about racism either. When Trump promoted American first, he promoted a multi-racial and multi-ethnic society, and the people who benefited most were the poor of every race and ethic group.

    1. Nothing about religion in charge of the country is just disgusting thought……it is just another version of sharia law that all are so afraid of becoming the law of the land. chuq

      1. The Bible doesn’t provide a doctrine that permits the spread of Christianity by force. The opposite is true. That’s why we have the First Amendment.

        Mohammed spread Islam by force. His Koran justifies spreading slam by force.

        Since self is the thing an Atheist holds most dear, Atheists have no reason to restrain themselves. So, too few do.

      2. And yet they did just that….does the Crusades ring a bell. Have yet to see a so-called Christian restrain themselves… tit for tat….chuq

      3. Do we have to isolate bits of history to demonstrate the violence of Islam or Atheism? No.

        Have people who called themselves Christian been murderous? Yes, but the history of Western Civilization demonstrates the moderating influence Christianity.

      4. I have not deflected. I also don’t offer flippant responses. Liberal Democrats would call your reference to the Crusades a whataboutism. Since Liberal Democrats use whataboutisms all the time, they ought to know.

        Do Christians succeed in living by Biblical standards? No. The Bible says we should try, but only Jesus Christ was sinless. On the other hand the behavior of Atheists and islamists is even less admirable. Both Atheists and Islamists tend to be highly warlike and intolerant of differing opinions. Do I really need to point to long lists of examples? Surely you can come up with plenty on your own. But go ahead if you must. Deflect to your heart’s continual discontent.

      5. Whataboutism? Good one. You want to have a debate on religion…a debate that I will not have….religion is a personal choice

      6. You attack the religious belief and character of others. Then, when someone calls you on it, you don’t want to debate religion? Curious how that work.

        Before we attack someone else, we need to examine our self.

      7. Bull! I did not attack any religious beliefs….if you think that was an attack then stop wearing your belief on your sleeve. Correct you do need to do that. chuq

  3. I would like to produce a motion picture involving a roving gang of patriotic Americans raiding tombs, and driving stakes into the vaginas of some somnambulist witches who harbor political ambitions —call it, “The Classic American Horror Story.”

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