Constitution–Down On Killing Floor

Down on killing floor….makes me think of the blues tune by Howling Wolf and the band, Electric Flag…..but that is not what this post is about….rather it is about what is the possibility that the Constitution is in danger.

Imagine that you are in a buying club that has a big problem. You and your fellow club members fork over money to a “highly qualified” individual you and fellow club members have repeatedly voted into the position of district club manager. His job is to obtain and distribute items and services you need. He takes your money, votes, and time, promising that he can “deliver the goods.”

But he can’t really deliver, and he knows it. His pledge goes unfulfilled because a higher, 100-person club of structurally entrenched distributors refuse to deal seriously with him and most of the other 434 “district-level” club managers.” And those “higher ups” are opposed to you getting what you want and need.

Still, even as his failed promises pile up, your club manager comes back again and again demanding, sometimes begging more of your votes and money every two years. “The next purchasing cycle is going to be different,” he says. He “can’t make the case to the big shots above him without your votes and money,” he adds. And by the way, he says, you should try to use your votes and money to change the names and faces in the big club above him.

“Democracy can be really messy sometimes,” he tells you, “like making sausage. But you’ve got to stay in the game, or you can’t complain. This is how we get things gone in this great country. It’s not perfect but it’s the greatest country in the world and little by little we can become a more perfect country if you give me your votes and money.”

Democracy Down on the Constitutional Killing Floor

There are those that think if the GOP takes charge of Congress they will work tirelessly to change the Constitution….completely….

If you think the Supreme Court overturning abortion rights in this country was radical and shocking, you ain’t seen nothing yet. There was a convention you should know about this past weekend in Denver, funded by some of the wealthiest men and foundations in America, that has received altogether too little publicity.

Imagine if most public schools in the country closed and were replaced by for-profit charter and private academies — often racially segregated and only serving families who could afford their tuition — because the Constitution required federal compulsory education laws and federal funding for education (at all levels) to end.

Imagine if the U.S. Constitution required the EPA, FDA, USDA, DOT, Department of Education, and Department of Labor to shut down. All union protections are dead, there are no more federal workplace safety standards, and even child-labor laws are struck down, along with the national minimum wage and the income tax, both individual and corporate.

Imagine that the Constitution makes it illegal for the federal government to protect you from big polluters, big banks, and even big food and pharma—all are free to rip you off or poison you all they want, and your only remedy is in state courts and legislatures, because the Constitution prevents Congress from doing anything about any of it. The federal government can no longer even enforce voting or civil rights laws.

If you care for this country at all then you should check out these articles and the thoughts behind them.

Our country is at a crossroad…..please choose your direction wisely.

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6 thoughts on “Constitution–Down On Killing Floor

  1. The Republicans would like individual citizens to be totally free to provide whatever they want and need for themselves without any intervention or help from the Federal government. So that means that everyone of us would be responsible for our own healthcare … to pay for our multi-thousand dollar doctor bills from our meager unprotected wages …Our brats could only get into schools approved by the government .. schools where Christianity rules everything and white privilege is paramount ….Our elderly would be cast under the bus to survive any way they can without social security or medicare or medicaid … Millions of Americans would be driven into destitution …with no hope of any kind of help anywhere except, perhaps from some local church ….Under these kinds of Republican puke wads we would be returned to a Middle Ages state of darkness, danger and despair …and the sad part is that Trump and his cronies have successfully brainwashed enough people … people who could sway the vote … into believing that this state of zombie-ism is some kind of utopian ambition.

  2. The Constitution is very important to Americans, so they should be very careful about making significant changes. A repeal of the Second Amendment would be desrirable, but that will never happen.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. It is important but most Americans know 2 or 3 of the amendments…and there are 20+ in the Constitution….so that points to just how ignorant they truly have become. chuq

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