Is Interest Waning?

Is interest in the conflict in Ukraine waning?

According to my stats here on IST….it is…..

I have noticed that the old saying about the news, ‘If if bleeds it leads”, is hold true.

I ask the question because as a person interested in world affairs I have noticed the the media is no longer focusing on Ukraine….there are now reports of Covid, hearings, markets and such…..

So my thought is that since it is basically a stalemate between Russia and Ukraine the media finds NO ratings possibilities….so as usual they moved on.

Maybe it is the fact that the attention span of the average American is that of a four year….apparently it is also true the media drives that consensus… is looking elsewhere for a ratings bonanza so they start winding down major coverage waiting for the story to exploit.

There is only so much emotional baggage the American people can withstand until they become numb to the news and/or the suffering.

I believe that that period is quickly approaching.

As I was writing this post news came out of the massacre of Bucha, Ukraine by Russian forces…..

Ukraine has accused Russia of carrying out a “deliberate massacre” in Bucha, a town near Kyiv. Moscow denies the charges and calls for an investigation led by the UN.

The Ukrainian Defense Ministry published several photos and videos alleging to show the aftermath of crimes committed by Russian forces. The Washington Post claims to have verified a video showing nine dead bodies, including a child.

The Times published an account by a member of the Ukrainian territory defense force, Sergeiy Torovik. “We found 18 bodies in there,” he said. “They had been torturing people. Some of them had their ears cut off. Others had teeth pulled out. There were kids like 14, 16 years old, some adults. They just took the bodies away yesterday.”

Ukraine’s first levied the allegations against Russia days after Russian forces withdrew from the area. Bucha Mayor Anatoly Fedoruk confirmed to the media that Russian troops had exited the area on March 31. Russia has responded by denying the charges and highlighting mayor Fedoruk’s statement.

“Moreover, on March 31 the mayor of Bucha, Anatoly Fedoruk, confirmed in his video address that there was no Russian military in the town, but did not even mention any local residents laying shot in the streets with their hands tied,” the Russian Defense Ministry said.


The analyst in me starting asking questions…….where are the dead Russian soldiers….seems to me that photos of that would be of some PR value.

Once again…I question anything offered by the Azov Battalion as evidence…..the media is depending on this neo-Nazi group for too much….The New York Times published photos of the Azov Battalion in the town shortly after the exit of Russian forces.

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”


16 thoughts on “Is Interest Waning?

  1. It is still headline news here. The BBC ran a location report from Bucha at midday, and one of their men was on the spot looking at the devastation and interviewing people whose relatives had been killed in cold blood.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I do not believe that interest is waning. I believe no one knows what will happen because of all the waffling back and forth. Only God knows I pray for Ukraine to win this war. It is just “slow-paced.” Not much different to report than yesterday or the day before. That is how the media rolls.

    1. And everything is breaking news even if it is a week old…..Bucha was a godsend people started watching and reading again….blood makes them happy chuq

      1. I believe that in this age of computer games in which we are living, and in the age of extremely violent images on TV and movies .. Americans have become desensitized to the horrific images coming out of Ukraine and are numb to it all and the consumerism in them demands variety of stimulus. So I think it is a case of “I am tired of cowboys and Indians now so let us see a few films about space wars.” Trust me when I tell you that American interest in what Putin is doing in Ukraine will sharpen significantly when the first Russian tank rolls down their street or the first Russian missile lands in the middle of their favorite playground just down the block.

      2. I do not know about that…they will just find someone to fight their fights so they do not miss an episode of the Kardashians…..chuq

  3. What I hate on Fox News is their “Fox News Alerts!” Everything for them is an alert 🚨! It’s like crying wolf too many times. When they really need people to listen they will be tone deaf!

  4. So desperate for the ratings! Also I find it appalling how the women allow themselves to objectified on Fox News. Short dress, cocktail dresses, gaudy cubic zirconia jewelry or huge pearls! They look like sleepy women. It’s news kit a beauty contest or cocktail party. CNN does better that way imho.

  5. Nah, it’s me typing on my iPhone! Lol 😂 not joking. WordPress app! 🙂

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