Where It All Began

Sunday and time for a little early American history……

This part of my series on the founding of this republic…..there are too many that know little to nothing about the beginnings of the United States of America…..and for me that explains why this country is so divided and chaotic.

Some seem to think that this system of government was the brain child of the Continental Congress…..but it began years before the idea of separation from Britain was the call of the day….

The Albany Plan of Union was a proposal written by Benjamin Franklin and introduced during the Albany Congress, which was held in Albany, New York in 1754.

The purpose of the Albany Congress was to have colonial leaders meet with representatives from the Six Nations to discuss how the colonies could work with them against the French. However, the idea of some type of organized union had taken hold with Franklin.

Prior to the Albany Congress, Franklin wrote down his ideas for a union of the colonies, which he called “Short Hints.” He provided a copy to Congress but soon found out that union was not only on his mind but also the mind of others. He recalled years later that “It then appear’d that several of the Commissioners had form’d Plans of the same kind.”

Franklin’s plan defined a permanent federation between the colonies, as a means to reform colonial-imperial relations and to more effectively address shared colonial interests, including making treaties, raising military forces, and levying taxes. The plan, as proposed by Franklin, proposed:

  • A President General, appointed by the Crown.
  • A Grand Council, consisting of delegates from the lower houses of the colonial assemblies.
  • Each colony would have between two to seven delegates, based on the size of the colony.
  • Each colony would have one vote, regardless of the number of delegates it sent.

Albany Plan of Union

This Albany Plan for Union was the first attempt at centralized government in the English colonies….and after a few short years, a revolution and the nation of United States of America was born.

Do learn more on the founding of this country…..


This country needs to teach the origins of the nation more heavily…..so students can see the trials and tribulations that the men, the Founders, went through to get us to this spot in history.

Class Dismissed!

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