Closing Thought–30Nov21

More news for the country……

Next year prices will probably go up especially for fresh veggies…..there may be a shortage of fertilizer for crops… naturally scarcity will make us mere mortals pay more for our food.

Farmers have no shortages of things to worry about, and Reuters reports that a major new concern has joined the list this year: Nitrogen fertilizer is in short supply, and its cost is skyrocketing as a result. This could not only translate into higher prices in everything from bread to meat in the coming months, but the shortage is forcing farmers to make dicey gambles about the fall and upcoming spring planting season. A slew of factors are behind the shortage, including record low temperatures in Texas earlier this year and Hurricane Ida’s slamming of production facilities in Louisiana in August, per the Weather Channel. A post at Ag Week, meanwhile, blames “a rare combination of supply chain issues that have tightened supplies,” including high prices for natural gas, a key component in the fertilizer.

“Right now, we have an almost a perfect storm of high energy prices, China cutting its production because of higher energy prices, as well,” agricultural economist John Beghin of the University of Nebraska tells Ag Web. “In Europe, they’re suffering through very high gas prices. Then we have supply disruptions in the US.” American farmers typically pay for fertilizer upfront, and the high price is causing many to put off purchases until the spring. That raises the risk of an even tighter shortage then, with accompanying higher prices. On top of that, holding off until then makes the logistics of spring planting much more difficult to navigate. “There’s going to be a lot of people who wait and see,” Daren Coppock of the Agricultural Retailers Association tells Reuters. “(But) if everybody’s scrambling in the spring to get enough, somebody’s corn isn’t going to get covered.”

Not to worry…..inflation will remain manageable for rising food prices is not part of the equation….the excuse being that prices fluctuate to give a good picture… that I call bullshit!

Food prices go up and seldom come down….so where is the fluctuation?

Main Street suffers but that matters not as long as the ‘markets’ are protected…..and the rest of us can go to Hell…..or worse….go hungry.

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2 thoughts on “Closing Thought–30Nov21

  1. Our grocery bill keeops going up all the time, but the biggest increase here has been the massive rocket in the price of petrol and diesel. It is increasing almost daily. On Saturday, I had to pay £1.62p a litre for diesel, and that in a supermarket petrol station. That’s over £8 a gallon, ($10.66) for the first time ever. On the main roads and motorways, some places where charging £1.65 a litre.
    Just as well I rarely drive very far!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Our gas prices stay fairly low but they do go up….food prices are outrageous….a 9 pound ham last christmas cost $14…this year it is $23….and no end in sight…..(I believe price controls are needed. chuq

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