Posting Update

A couple of days a go my laptop gave up and now I must post from my tablet a chore for someone with fat fingers……it will be a week untl my new one arrives….so my post will short sweet and limited…..please bear with me and I will return to my usual schedule.

I promise to return soon

Thanx for your understanding

Now for real news…….

That little shit Rittenhouse walks on all charges.

So once again a white gets away with murder by claiming self-defense.

Ain’t American justice grand?



9 thoughts on “Posting Update

  1. So he must have been 17,when this shooting “in selfdefense” happened.

    What does someone, not even allowed to vote, as this shooting took place, with a gun in the first place.

    The selfdefense claim is more abused by those see an agressive person, in the most peacefull person you can find.

    And sad to say, the colour of your skin makes the difference, guilty or not guilty!

      1. Be well too!
        For someone typing on a laptop with fingers not made for it, you’re doing well!

        I hope your wife is doing well!
        Lots of wellwishing from the Netherlands for her.

        🇳🇱 🌷 ▶️ 🌷 🇱🇷

    1. Dear Chuq and Marie-Jacqueline,

      I would like to add that Rittenhouse is likely to face further trials at the civil and/or federal courts. In any case, the bar of proving a defendant guilty beyond any reasonable doubt is very high in the criminal court, as opposed to that in the civil court. Furthermore, once the defence team was successful in limiting or focussing the case to one of self-defence, it was destined to be very difficult for the prosecution team, who could no longer bring many other matters into consideration. In addition, Caucasians have a much better advantage and are much more likely to receive positive outcomes whereas non-Caucasians or people of colour have been statistically far more likely to be convicted and also sentenced far more heavily.

      Yours sincerely,

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