Shaman Does Time!

The shaman gets his due.

Personally I think he deserves the max penalty. Hopefully this fate of all those charged.

Watch this blog!

I read, I write, You know 

“Lego ergo scribo”


10 thoughts on “Shaman Does Time!

  1. I sorta found the guy entertaining frankly. Personally I was thinking Congress should adopt his caricature and bring him out in full garb each time a bill gets passed.. and he could howl from the rafters. It might not hurt having a Congressional Shaman around. At least he wasn’t maniacally frothing at the mouth banging people over the head with a flag pole and screaming for Pence’s and Pelosi’s heads. Maybe it’s because his guttural grunts and appearance reminded me of Klingons. I mean.. in my past there have been times I have emitted such grunts and groans while I was taking care of business in the bathroom. I suppose, given that, I can identify with the guy… weakly.
    Also frankly.. I am somewhat mystified and confused over all this idea of charging this one guy for insurrection and the other people actually doing damage, harm to the cops, and inciting chaos get away with lesser charges. But a lot of what is going on these days mystifies and confuses me.. so I suppose based on that.. everything is running “normal”.

  2. There is a BIG difference between “peaceful protest” and “sedition” – violently storming the building where the business of government is conducted – and calling for the hanging of the Vice President Of The United States – is NOT and can never be considered legal…people died that day and the ongoing impact of this horrific attack of democracy is obviously still being felt.

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