Closing Thought–17Nov21

We all have made a trip to the library….and I have so many books of my own that I have an entire library at my finger tips….but sadly libraries are not as popular as they once were thanx to the dullness of the internet and social media…..

Denmark has a novel (no pun intended) idea…..check out  person….

The saying goes: You should never judge a book by its cover. Well now, an innovative library in Denmark has taken the metaphor into its own hands and revolutionised the reading experience through dialogue. Instead of borrowing traditional books, volunteers at The Human Library lend 30 minutes of their time in a bid for readers to unjudge a person.

The first-of-its-kind learning platform aims to tackle challenging topics, embrace diversity and to create more inclusive and cohesive communities across cultural, religious, social and ethnic differences.

With help from his brother and colleagues, Ronni Abergel, 48, came up with the compelling concept in February 2000. A few months later, they kickstarted their mission at a local music festival in June.

“Over four days, 50 different topics were published to readers and thousands took advantage. This convinced me that this library had an important role to play in communities all around the world,” he explained. “It showed me that it was a library for the whole world to benefit from.”

Twenty-one years on, and The Human Library has become a global phenomenon, expanding to over 80 countries worldwide. They have since acquired partnerships with some of the UK’s biggest brands such as Tesco, Heineken, Travis Perkins and UNILEVER – which is how they fund their community work.

Us old farts have a wealth of knowledge that should be shared….this is a helluva idea and if it were in my locale I would volunteer without a thought.

Any thoughts?

I Read, I Write, You Know

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