The Myth Of The M-IC

I have written many times on the power that the Military-Industrial Complex (M-IC) holds over our nation….and I have even gone so far as to agree (some what) with accusation from Trump that the generals are in the pocket of the M-IC…..

Here are my thoughts on the M-IC…….

And there is more……

Then there is the shock that I agreed with Trump on anything…….

To be fair not everyone agrees with me about the M-IC top heavy with generals and they they are influenced by the corporations.

The rebuttal comes from the American Enterprise Institute, a group that gets donations from the M-IC and in this case is being used as a PR weapon to counter the opinions voice by me and the president…..

It is hard to think of any U.S. president that Donald Trump resembles less than Dwight D. Eisenhower. Yet Trump managed to evoke the comparison this week, when he charged that senior American military officials are more interested in serving the interests of arms manufacturers than in serving the interests of the U.S. The military, he said, advocates war “so that all of those wonderful companies that make the bombs and make the planes and make everything else stay happy.”

For some observers, the allegation brought to mind Eisenhower’s farewell address in January 1961, in which he cautioned that a mighty “military-industrial complex” could “endanger our liberties” and strangle the American economy. Since then, Eisenhower’s speech has been cited by critics who warn that an expansive foreign policy will ruin the nation’s prosperity and freedom alike.

Yet just as Trump was wrong in arguing that Pentagon officials are motivated by greed rather than patriotism, Eisenhower — a far wiser leader — was more wrong than right about the military industrial-complex.

Trump, Ike and the myth of the military-industrial complex

I wonder how much that rousing defense of the M-IC will cost the industry?

Just a point here….where do you think that retired generals go to work after their retirement?….I mean after they write their book….that is.

Go to the corporations website and look at their officers…..they are heavy with generals… do you think certain weapon systems make it through the process even when they are proven to be waste of money (think F-35)?

Not all generals are in the pocket of defense contractors but the ones thinking of retirement are thinking of a way to make cash out of their service.

Once again….I will agree with Trump on this (on principle that is)…..

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4 thoughts on “The Myth Of The M-IC

  1. Much the same here. Some ex-generals pop up as ‘consultants’ for arms companies. Others head ‘private security’ companies, a front for mercenaries. It never changes.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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