2020 Alternatives–Libertarian

It is that time again…the comedic skit we call elections…..]most Americans already know which of the two losers they will vote for….but there are other options and I am here to help……chuq

Gulf South Free Press

2020 Election Series #1

I try to be as FYI as I can without being too biased….there is little more than a month before we vote for our next president or the guy that he beat…..

Not to worry there is more candidates than the two that the media wants you to fixate on……GSFP will give the other parties that have presidential candidates for 2020…..I will start with the most popular of the alternatives (some say)…the Libertarian Party…

A little history to help your knowledge…..

The Libertarian Party was established in Westminster, Colorado, in 1971 and fielded its first candidate for the presidency in the next year’s elections. In 1980 it achieved its height of success when it was on the ballot in all 50 states, and its presidential candidate, Edward E. Clark, a California lawyer, received 921,199 votes. Although this vote represented only about 1 percent…

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2 thoughts on “2020 Alternatives–Libertarian

  1. As a card carrying LP member, I don’t agree with their strategy of running a candidate for POTUS, but rather focus completely on statehouse elections and ballot initiatives. But I’ll vote for Jo, since my vote carries far more weight in getting ballot access for the next electoral cycle than it does in getting either of the two major candidates elected. Neither of whom represent my values and vision for the Republic.

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