A Few Things To Bitch About

I am an old fart so according to popular belief I must be cranky and bitch about stuff all the time.

If you ask Sue I am sure that she would agree.

There are always something to bitch about no matter who you are…..today I have picked a couple of items to vent my anger upon…..

Cats! I realize that some of my readers are cat people but this is more about their owners than their feline friends.

When I walk my MoMo I am obliged to carry crap bags so that I can clean up her mess…..well yesterday I stepped in a bunch of cat crap not making me happy….plus my canine friend must be on a leash but not the cats in the neighborhood…..they roam the neighborhood starting fights and crapping wherever they want.  If MoMo gets out and wanders the neighborhood she gets picked up and I get fined.  Racism!  I tell you it’s racism!

Self-adsorbed dickwads that think that the sidewalks belong to them and stack their crap and trash and block the walkway or they park their cars so no one can walk on the sidewalks.

Television! Nowadays there are two types of TV….game shows and fake reality……and you wonder why people seem more ignorant than they were in the past…..these two types of “entertainment” lower your IQ several points every time you watch.

Finally…..those phone calls begging for money for state troopers, police and firemen.

First if the city/state are not caring for their employees then the problem is the government…..second….what idiot thought that in time of a pandemic and joblessness was a good time to beg cash over the phone?

I bitch about the price of fresh veggies every time I go to the store…if you hate it as well then I have a story for you…..economics come to play….scarcity drives price up but surplus does not drive the prices down.  Remember when they use to use the price of gas as a reason to up their prices and it also never came down when the price of gas declined.

When I go to a local park and give MoMo a new territory to explore I am always pissed to see the crap people leave behind….then I read a story about a great idea from Thailand….

Some visitors to Thailand’s beautiful Khao Yai National Park will be receiving a memento of their trip—all the trash they left behind. In a series of Facebook posts, Environment Minister Varawut Silpa-archa slammed campers who left garbage strewn around a campsite over the weekend and said officials should take it to the post office and send it back to them, the Bangkok Post reports. He added a photo of a package of trash that was being returned to the tourists. “You forgot these things at Khao Yai National Park,” says a note with the package.

Authorities say the trash is a hazard for the park’s wildlife, which includes numerous endangered species and some of the country’s only remaining herds of wild elephants. Visitors to the 770-square-mile park near Bangkok are required to register with their names and addresses, which has made it easy for authorities to track litterbugs down, the BBC reports. Park officials have also lodged a complaint with police, meaning the offenders could face a fine of up to $16,000 and a possible prison sentence for littering in a national park.

A DAMN fine idea!

I feel better already!

That is my meager offering for this Sunday….cooler weather has me and Sue enjoying the garden before the heat returns.

Be Well…..Be Safe……

I Read, I Write, You Know

“lego ergo scribo”

8 thoughts on “A Few Things To Bitch About

  1. I think we can all agree with your gripes today, chuq. Cats are definitely a law unto themselves. And over here, excess crops of vegetables is also not a reason for lower prices. They just throw them away to keep the prices up and create demand.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I love the park’s idea. Maybe somebody’ll actually think about the folks who have to maintain and clean parks once in a while and try to make their job a bit easier. Of course I’m biased about this one. I used to be the janitor at a park. Glad we had one of those grab-claws and trash picks, because I got fed up with the number of used diapers I’d seen thrown under cars in the parking lots and bags of food tied up and dropped out the window. One time they did it five feet from me, knowing full well I was there and they’d passed up two trash cans to get to their car. It took a lot out of me not to pick up the bag and throw it at their back window.

  3. Business is always picking up.. as they say. (and no doubt a line heard for decades)
    Good vent, chuq. I got rid of my former FPS blog entirely. Pretty much anything that can be said about the Orange Man and his comedy show has already been said.. and the lines are drawn.. The divide is profound.. and no more minds to try and change. Just sit back, grab a beer, and embrace the horror that is bound to get way worse in the coming weeks.
    But alas.. I had to formulate another blog.. a more kinder, gentler blathering. I’ll let you know when I send it out. But it will be a mix of old fart venting.. hmm… that didn’t sound right. “old fart” venting (that way doesn’t smell as much).. and there is no life unless one can get people pissed over politics and religion. It will be more of a mix. I guess my point in mentioning it at all is that it’s in the spirit you are reflecting here.

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