An IST Up-Date

I have noticed that I have been posting more than I promised Sue that I would….she is trying to help me get off my ass and get into a healthier way of life.

She caught me spending more time than I had promised….and she chastised me…..and after a lengthy cold shoulder I promised to spend less time on the pc…

So I will be posting about 3 articles a day unless events spiral out of control….

Thanx everyone for understanding……and thanx for all your support and visits…..

8 thoughts on “An IST Up-Date

  1. Good for you! I’ve made similar changes myself getting away from self-hosting and ALL of the sites that I run are migrating to WordPress hosting instead of self-hosting as it was all time-sucking. Enjoy the fresh air from the porch drinking a hot coffee 🙂

    1. Her words exactly but my mind needs to stay busy…I hate boredom…so I am reading more out in the garden when weather is good…..chuq

  2. I am constantly in trouble for spending so much time on blogs.
    And I have not posted anything if my own in three months. I spend my time reading other blogs and commenting on those sites.

    That plus reading books and news items take all my time.

    I need to get more active also.

    My doctor said yesterday that feeling tired and exercising less was a chicken and egg thing. Do you exercise less because of getting older and weaker or the other way around. Could be either or a combination of both.

    Good luck.

    1. Thanx OG… my case it is rehab for my right leg is a mess so exercise is difficult at best… my mind needs to stay busy with facts and stuff….so reading is my outlet…..chuq

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