The Worst In History

Closing Thought–14Mar19

Every president is ranked by a group over 200 presidential historians…..and the newest survey is out…..

The result were posted by Sharedblue Media……..

Trump lost the popular vote to Hillary Clinton by 3 million votes. But on Presidents Day, he finally won something fair and square: the title of worst president ever.

According to the “Presidential Greatness Survey” published Monday by the American Political Science Association, Trump is ranked 44th out of 44 presidents. The survey counts President Grover Cleveland’s non-consecutive administrations as a single presidency, thus sparing Trump from being ranked one spot lower.

The survey also ranked President Obama 8th overall, making him the the greatest living president, one spot ahead of Ronald Reagan.

But even among Republican respondents to the survey, Trump could only manage a ranking of 40th out of 44, edging out James Buchanan, Franklin Pierce, William Henry Harrison — who died in office just one month into his first term — and Andrew Johnson.

By contrast, President Obama’s first appearance in this survey in 2014 placed him at 18th, and a group of 238 presidential historians ranked Obama 15th after his first year in office.

Trump’s first year in office has been marked by historically low approval numbers, an embarrassing trend that was continued by a five-point drop in his weekly approval rating from Gallup.

If there is any consolation for Trump, it’s that he can’t possibly drop any lower in this ranking during whatever time he has left in office.

I am sure that somewhere on the “web” there are people that will disagree and the excuse will be “fake news” or a conspiracy by those “liberal” academics….or some other equally ridiculous belief……so I say to them…”Sorry your bromance sucks as a president”……..

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10 thoughts on “The Worst In History

  1. I think the worst presidents are those that started wars or failed to keep us out of them. So far that does not include Trump. He has two and maybe six more years do I will reserve judgement until he gets out of office.

  2. Any half intelligent person knows Trump is a horrible president. The idea that we could potentially have him for six more years….. that’s the stuff of nightmares!

  3. No historian of any merit would find it sensible to rate a current president with respect to all all past presidents in a ranking study. Too much emotional and subjective data and not enough history to assess objectively. At least a decade should pass then an assessment becomes relevant and as more decades pass the assessments become more qualified. The legacy begins only after leaving office. One measurement often dismissed by biased historians is “did he deliver on the campaign promises?” Trump has a clear record of doing and trying to do what he said he would do when running alone which would give him a higher rating than last.

    1. I disagree…..he is trying to gut SS and Medicare and that is against a promise….promised to drain the swamp and added more mud…just 2 incidents…..chuq

  4. He promised to: tax cut middle class, tax cut corporations,double IRS standard deduction, new trade deal with China, Mexico, Canada, rebuild military, deregulation, withdraw Paris Climate agreement, withdraw Iran deal, recognize Jerusalem as capitol Israel, put US embassy in Jerusalem, confront North Korea, destroy ISIS, confront Iran, curtail illegal immigration, respond to opioid crisis,sanctions against Russia, sanctions against Putin’s oligarchs, reform VA, let vets see private doctor, keep ICE, support local law enforcement, get NATO nations pay more, military hardware to Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, Poland , et al. These and more satisfied campaign promise. Yes, social security and medicare cuts proposed in new budget proposal but you just posted crisis over national debt/deficit and this requires hard choices and cuts. You suggested dems and reps make these hard choices. He is not responsible or part of criminal enterprises pre campaign of Manafort or Cohen and it was Obama DOJ that told FBI “hands off Hillary”.

    1. His tax cuts helped very few in the middle class…..the IRS deduction thing screwed most home owners…..I never said Dems make the hard choices they are just as cowardly as the person pretending to care…..chuq

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