Beto: The Great White Hope?

The media darling for the 2020 election is Beto O’Rourke…..I have offered my thoughts on this candidate…..”he will be the big centrist without big ideas in other words just another old style Dem in the White House”……

It is official!

Beto O’Rourke, who said weeks ago that he had made a decision on running for president in 2020, has now decided to share that decision with the world. The Democrat confirmed in a text message to El Paso station KTSM that he plans to enter the race, saying his hometown is “a big part of why I’m running. This city is the best example of this country at its best.” The 46-year-old former congressman, who narrowly lost his US Senate race against Ted Cruz in Texas last year, is expected to make a formal announcement Thursday, the Guardian reports.

I have been waiting for the MSM to go to his congressional voting record….and so far they have stayed away from that…..they want his as a candidate and will do whatever it takes to make it so……

To back up my assertions I give you his voting record while in Texas legislature…..

Capital & Main reviewed the167votes O’Rourke has cast in the House in opposition to the majority of his own party during his six-year tenure in Congress. Many of those votes were not progressive dissents alongside other left-leaning lawmakers, but instead votes to help pass Republican-sponsored legislation.

O’Rourke has voted for GOP bills that his fellow Democratic lawmakers said reinforced Republicans’ anti-tax ideology, chipped away at the Affordable Care Act (ACA), weakened Wall Street regulations, boosted the fossil fuel industry and bolstered Donald Trump’s immigration policy.

Consumer, environmental, public health and civil rights organizations have cast legislation backed by O’Rourke as aiding big banks, undermining the fight against climate change and supporting Trump’s anti-immigrant agenda. During the previous administration, Barack Obama’s White House issued statements slamming two GOP bills backed by the 46-year-old Democratic legislator.

Now that the media has drummed him into running they will set about destroying for possible.

Beto is NOT what the Dems need….we have had enough cowardly Dems in the White House….time for big ideas and bigger solutions.

19 thoughts on “Beto: The Great White Hope?

  1. Thanks for keeping me updated, chuq. But I just can’t get excited about any of them.
    If they cannot do better, you may well get another four years of Trump.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. How can the dem candidates that support sanctuary state California and 800 sanctuary cities think they are qualified to be president ? More precisely how could any sensible American vote for any of these ? They are against the federal government and the Constitution a president must protect. The foster the pre Civil War notion of nullification of federal law. By dismissing federal law and enacting laws contrary to federal law (remember supremacy clause Constitution ) they are guilty of insurrection which is treason against the United States which makes them domestic enemies against which a president is sworn to protect . I would arrest and hang every one of them. Andrew Jackson and Abraham Lincoln surely would.

  3. He is charismatic, but he doesn’t state his positions so far as I’ve heard. (Of course, we are still a bit away from the debates and primary season, so I’ll stay tuned.)

    1. I( believe he is a Clinton-like candidate….wants to keep big business in the Dem corner…..but as you say it is early….stay warm….chuq

      1. They don’t really offer much information about policies they support or much else, but they have a three ring circus quality that reveals candidate character, if the electorate bothers to process what they see. I think a candidate boxing match might be more interesting, though. Or maybe a series of duels, with the last one standing getting to run for the office….

      2. I have has said this manner such be used instead or a war let the leaders duke it out or 10 paces turn and fire duel….chuq

      3. LOL! Yeah!

        Reminds me of a quote attributed to George Patton that I saw in a weapons niche in a barracks at Grafenwehr, then-West Germany: “If I advance, follow me. If I retreat, shoot me.”

  4. Some feel he is charismatic but when did that become a qualification for president ? It is a quality for electability though. Seems dem will vote for him because they like him with no record just like they hated Kavanaugh because they liked Ford and hated Trump and hate Trump because they don’t like him. They scream for impeachment because they don’t like him and because they lost. Now hate or like is how candidates are assessed instead of qualifications. Oh, but then there was that 1952 “I Like Ike” slogan…

    1. We no longer look for the issues as we did in 1952…today we chose our candidates by personality not substance and when that happens we get the worse candidates not the best. chuq

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