The Eyes Have It!

It is difficult to find true FYI stuff for my weekend posts……but I try and some times I find great stuff other times not so much.

I have had to wear glasses, corrective lens, since I was in 3rd grade and in all that time glasses have been getting more expensive with each passing year.

I have almost always worn round frames or Ben Franklins as they were called in the “old days”…..when I was younger they were not hard to find but then the “designer” frames became popular and the prices skyrocketed and the round frames were not to most people’s liking.

The last time I used a local outlet I was aghast my frames were going to cost me $200 without the lens……in all it was going to be about $300…….just what about plastic was worth the $300?

An exec breaks it down……

Charles Dahan knows from first-hand experience how badly people get ripped off when buying eyeglasses.

He was once one of the leading suppliers of frames to LensCrafters, before the company was purchased by optical behemoth Luxottica. He also built machines that improved the lens-manufacturing process.

In other words, Dahan, 70, knows the eyewear business from start to finish. And he doesn’t like what’s happened.

“There is no competition in the industry, not any more,” he told me. “Luxottica bought everyone. They set whatever prices they please.”

Dahan, who lives in Potomac, Md., was responding to a column I recently wrote about why consumer prices for frames and lenses are so astronomically high, with markups often approaching 1,000%.

I noted that if you wear designer glasses, there’s a very good chance you’re wearing Luxottica frames.

I found an outlet on-line where my round frames are $10 …..$15 bucks with lens….needless to say this is where I get my glasses.

So my FYI for this weekend…..go on-line and do some  research….do not pay the price these so-called outlets want…..

3 thoughts on “The Eyes Have It!

  1. I have had to wear reading glasses since I was 45. For the last two years, it has been compulsory for me to have glasses on when driving too. So I bought varicfocal lenses, in a basic brown plastic frame. Two pairs cost me £180, ($235) from a chain high street optician. Now there are discount companies appearing, similar to those you mention. You buy online, and get two pairs for less than £50. I can see this being the end of the town centre optician’s shop soon.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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