Yemen, An American War

For a couple of years the Saudis have been trying to kill every Yemeni on the planet simply because they can and with the help of their butt buddies, UAE.

Before I explain the title here are a couple of short vids that will help my reader understand…..

This war has created a huge humanitarian crisis that seeks to want to ignore…..

Now that my reader is as caught as one can be in this short span of time I would like to report on America’s fingers in this war……

Mike Pompeo’s certification earlier this month that the Saudi coalition was working to reduce harm to civilians in Yemen was an obvious sham. According to a new report in The Wall Street Journal, Pompeo made the decision to lie for the Saudis and Emiratis because he feared it would hurt arms sales:

Mr. Pompeo overruled concerns from most of the State Department specialists involved in the debate who were worried about the rising civilian death toll in Yemen. Those who objected included specialists in the region and in military affairs. He sided with his legislative affairs team after they argued that suspending support could undercut plans to sell more than 120,000 precision-guided missiles to Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, according to a classified State Department memo and people familiar with the debate.

Even with a Trump as Our DEar Leader some thin gs NEVER change…..the Neocon tools will lie their asses off to keep America fighting wars and enriching the M-IC who own the Neocons lock, stock and barrel…….

Pompeo has always been a Neocon so please take anything he says about international relations with a grain of salt for his real loyalties lie with the M-IC.

To add to the misery of being bombed into the stone age, having to deal with epidemic outbreaks now news has come out that the food supply will run out within two months……

Yemen has only enough food to sustain its population for two to three months, CARE International has warned, as fears rise that the country’s main port could close as a result of increased Saudi-led coalition airstrikes.

If Hodeidah’s port is sealed off or put out of action, CARE’s Yemen Director Johan Mooij calculates that Yemen’s food supplies will last two to three months, taking into account the World Food Programme’s (WFP) stockpiles and estimated levels of commercial foods sourced from traders.

The only good news that could come from Yemen is that the Saudis will stop killing civilians and let peace have a chance.

5 thoughts on “Yemen, An American War

  1. Using a war in a foreign country to ‘practice war’ and sell weapons brings to mind international involvement in the Spanish Civil war, during the 1930s. The world turned its back on Spain, as Germany and Italy supported the fascists. As a result, we got WW2. That should be a warning, but nobody is heeding it.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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