If It Is Tuesday It Must Be Afghanistan

We have been throwing everything we have at the situation in Afghanistan…..if that is true then give us an update.

First we start with the documents that were used to start the war in Afghanistan.

These details are never discussed because they have for nearly two decades been hidden behind a shroud of secrecy. But now, after nearly two decades of lies, the remarkable truth about the secret documents that helped launch the Afghan war can finally be revealed.

Yet another surge of violence in Afghanistan, including suicide bombings by the Taliban and retaliatory airstrikes by US forces, is reminding the world once again of the fact that the Afghan war is far from over.


And anytime Afghanistan is mentioned then someone has a winning strategy for the situation….

The United States intelligence agencies and military commands can’t agree on whether to be “cautiously optimistic” or “cautiously pessimistic” on prospects for Afghanistan.

What both do agree on, however, is that the United States and its Afghan partners have not defeated the Taliban either on the battlefield or by bringing them to negotiated terms of living in peace with other Afghans.

The reasons for our failure are simple to understand but unacceptable for a great power.

First was the eager rush to forget our Vietnam experience – even the successful CORDS counterinsurgency program in the villages of South Vietnam after 1968.


Whenever those types of posts are published there will be others that foresee the situation as a losing effort….

The Trump administration is optimistic about Afghanistan. Since the president a year ago introduced his plan—putting more U.S. boots on the ground and committing to our fifth round of re-entrenchment in America’s longest war—the conflict has been punctuated by a key milestone: its first ceasefire since 2001.

That brief pause in hostilities “really unleashed the Afghan people’s desire for peace and an end to violence,” Gen. John Nicholson, commander of U.S. forces in Afghanistan, told reporters from Kabul last week. “I believe [Trump’s] strategy is working,” he continued. “So, the strategy was announced about a year ago. Within six months, we had two peace offers on the table.”

But the Pentagon’s own assessments of Afghanistan are bleaker.


For those that would like more info on the war in Afghanistan then maybe the Special ops updates will be helpful….


IST tries to stay tuned in to the conflicts we are fighting around the world and will bring as much news as possible to keep my readers informed.


4 thoughts on “If It Is Tuesday It Must Be Afghanistan

  1. One of the reasons Trump is accused of being detached from reality on Woodward’s book was his desire to remove US troops from South Korea. Any desire to remove troops from Europe, Afghanistan or anywhere else would result in the same crime and be ignored by the adults in the room. Part of his alleged incompetence, lack the f understanding his his desire to bring troops home and is being resisted by even his staff.

    He is also of course a criminal who belongs in jail, should be impeached and is crazy.

    But he is right about the troops coming home. Or I am detached from reality also because I agree with him.

    Thanks for the chance to rant.

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