Oops! Well That Sucked!

History is a fun subject…we get to look into the lives of our ancestors…..I do a lot of reading and I have found some blunders, military blunders that few of us realize.

Take Russia…there were two separate invasions that were just amazing and each one was beaten by those famous Russian generals…..General January and General February…..

I would like to teach my reader about the 10 most amazing military blunders in history…..

Throughout history, battles have been lost to bad weather, insufficient weaponry and bad luck. But what about those for which poor judgment and shoddy planning are to blame? From the French troops led to their death at Agincourt, to Hitler’s lost army of 330,000 men at Stalingrad, historian Rupert Matthews rounds up 10 of the worst military mistakes in history…

Any fool can lose a battle. All you need to have is a weaker army than your opponent. What takes a special talent is to lose a battle when you start off with all the advantages in your own hands.

Some commanders have managed to throw away the power of greater numbers, strong positions and superior weaponry with blunders of such awesome scale that they have ended up losing a battle that, logically, they should have won with ease. Here are the most impressive military blunders in history…


Like I said Oops!  That just sucked!

4 thoughts on “Oops! Well That Sucked!

  1. Some good examples of little-known ancient battles here, chuq. Saladin’s defeat of the Crusaders in the desert battle is covered in the film ‘Kingdom of Heaven’.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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