Diplo-speak is what diplomats do when they talk to the press or the public…..makes perfect sense to them but after thought tells them to stop speaking.

Take North Korea….at one point Pompeo and others said that NK should follow the example of Libya or the “Libya Model”…they meant that the leader gave up his nukes and was met with a warm embrace by the West.  The problem was that also lead to the civil war and the death of their leader.

Now Pompeo after his latest round of talks in NK has said that NK should follow the “Vietnam Model”……Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now suggesting another example in Vietnam.

After the end of the Vietnam War, the US and Vietnam ultimately had a successful rapprochement, and now have close ties.

This could be an appealing model for North Korea to follow, as it would suggest both the end of the war, something North Korea has long sought in the Korean War, which began in 1950, and a rapprochement with close trade ties.

But will South Korea sign on to the “Vietnam Model”….if one recalls North Vietnam invaded the South and took control of the country and turned it communist.

Maybe Pompeo should just stop trying to find a “Model” to sell NK….just hold talks and work to eliminating the nukes and stop trying to sell the idea…..

I think it is great that the two countries are talking……now the diplomats need to stop running to a mic and trying to be cute……

2 thoughts on “Diplo-speak

  1. Comparing the DPRK to the situation in Vietnam won’t work, as it was very different. As for using any example where the leader was later killed or executed, as in Libya and Iraq, all that will do is frighten Kim away from any negotiations.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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