Closing Thought–04Jul18

One of my fond (for lack of an adequate word) memories was my first taste of military life in basic training….I entered into the military in 1967 and Vietnam was going great guns and the country needed men to fight so the basic training went from 12 weeks to 9 weeks to get soldiers to the fronts.

I bring this up because the Army has done a re-take of basic training….but this time the excuse is not that more troops were needed on the “Front” but rather they need to extra time to make “grunts” more lethal……

The U.S. Army is refining a plan to extend by two months the service’s 14-week infantry one station unit training, or OSUT, so young grunts arrive at their first unit more combat-ready than ever before.

Trainers at Fort Benning, Georgia will run a pilot this summer that will extend infantry OSUT from 14 weeks to 22 weeks, giving soldiers more time to practice key infantry skills such as land navigation, marksmanship, hand-to-hand combat, fire and maneuver and first aid training.

I must go down for the day….see you guys tomorrow….I hope everyone has a safe holiday……I smell a BBQ…….enjoy……chuq

4 thoughts on “Closing Thought–04Jul18

  1. Mine lasted 11 weeks, thanks to a two week Christmas-New Years time off. That pretty much messed up any advances we made in the first three or four weeks, making the final weeks more difficult. I took it in December 1969-January 1970.

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