Yemen Made Simple

Or should I call it….A Guide To Yemen For The Unsympathetic?

The Saudi and UAE-led operation to retake the rebel-held port city of Hodeidah, which could jeopardize the lives of hundreds of thousands of civilians, represents more than the latest tragic chapter in Yemen’s civil war. It is the fully expected outcome of several Western nations’ complicity in a multi-country assault that has made Yemen the world’s largest humanitarian disaster.

The recent attack on Hodeidah is both a function of Western arms support and a feature of longstanding Western political programming that has sustained the coalition’s attack on the country since a bombing campaign began in 2015.

Yemen has been raging for a couple of years and the world seems not to care….why is that?

For one Yemen has nothing the West desires….if so then why is Saudi so involved it there is nothing to danger to them?

Are the Saudis challenging an old enemy?

How many deaths does it take before someone steps up and ends this madness?

11 thoughts on “Yemen Made Simple

  1. The British once valued Yemen for its strategic location on the Red Sea, until the ‘Aden Emergency’ of 1963-67. After four years of fighting insurgents, the British left, and now it seems the Saudis want to take up where we left off, with American help.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Same area same stuff, Russians being blamed the same. Oh, but it is a few miles from Porton Down. Let’s ignore that glaring fact.

      2. Let me know if there is more…..with everything going on in the US we may not get the updates….thanx….chuq

      3. On the news now. Being linked to the previous incident, and Russia getting the full blame. Funny it’s so close to the forthcoming summit, don’t you think?
        By the way, the first one happened in Salisbury, and this one is in Avebury.
        They are 33 miles apart, and Porton Down is between the two towns. Hmm…

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