Is Hungary Shaking The Pillars Of The EU?

There is a row going on in Central Europe among the member of the EU and NATO…..Hungary is in the process of having its elections……

With Hungarians headed to the polls on Sunday to vote in parliamentary elections, most analysis of the country’s political situation has revolved around the country’s alleged turn away from Western-style democracy. Yet while the debate rages on at institutional and political parties level, public opinion research indicates that the reality is far more complex.

While many assume that the turn toward populism and warmer relations with the Kremlin under Prime Minister Viktor Orbán is bringing Hungary into Russia’s orbit, a recent poll by the International Republican Institute indicates that the majority of Hungarians continue to support key transatlantic institutions like the EU and NATO.Alhough the key to the country’s political alignment ultimately remains in the hands of its national elite, the preservation of the status quo is to some extent up to the West, which must redouble its efforts to keep Hungary in the transatlantic fold.

With the election finalized and the winner is Orban….what will there be for the future of Hungary?

Viktor Orbán’s victory in Hungary’s recent parliamentary election was not fair and he is not going to play nice in his third consecutive term. Those who are worried about the fate of democracy in Hungary have to get used to that reality and get to work quickly.

Protest marches in Budapest, like the one we saw on Saturday, might fulfil an important therapeutic role but they are no substitute for effective political action.

Although Mr Orbán is a talented and ruthless politician, his takeover has been more than helped by the opposition’s divisions, incompetence and lack of leadership. Mass protests ring more than a bit hollow considering that a few days ago Mr Orban’s Fidesz party gained a two-thirds majority in a free and non-fraudulent (though unfair) parliamentary election, at a record-high turnout.

The EU is calling for sanctions against Hungary…….

The EU should launch a sanctions procedure against Hungary because of a “clear risk of a serious breach” of the bloc’s basic values, a draft report by a European Parliament (EP) committee published on Thursday (12 April) said.

The report detailed the curtailed rights of the constitutional court, stricter control over the courts, the curbing of freedom of expression, a biased media council, the financing of newspapers through state advertisement, the threat to academic freedom, and the rights of migrants as some of the issues where the report concluded a serious deterioration in fundamental rights and the rule of law.

Hungary bears watching for future events and situations…..


8 thoughts on “Is Hungary Shaking The Pillars Of The EU?

  1. Oh i think in a few years the EU will be completely damaged. In the past a few states (Germany included ;-)) tried to make the EU to their own project. No real help for others like Greece, Italy or Spain. Something like the EU can not be the project of a few, because we do not have the situation like in the medieval ages. Poor, but i think Orbán is doing best to stabilize his country for the future, the break down of the EU. ;-(

  2. Michael’s comments add a valuable European perspective. The backlash against the EU (Which is only really Germany and France telling everyone else what to do) has unfortunately come from the Right; both mainstream, and extreme. When the whole thing eventually collapses on itself, it will be the right-wing parties left in control. The European Left needs to wake up, and get organised for an uncertain future.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. Lefties everywhere should either prepare a “Go Bag”, or get prepared to be sent to a camp.

  3. What people want & value (or at least say they want & value) is often VERY different from what they respond to. That and the “cognitive dissonance” effect.

    There are many examples. At the height of Quebec separatism in Canuckistan, most Quebecois expected to continue to use Canadian money, stamps, travel in Canada without passports, be part of Canada’s trade deals, etc. It was very strange. They wanted Canada, just with a different name.

    People often embrace change without expecting actual changes and they divorce their actions from any consequences. ie “I love doing everything on my phone. Not going to stores. Not going to banks…What? I just lost my job to a robot? How did that happen?

    Or, “Hey, I didn’t expect voting for Hitler would result in that.”

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