Closing Thought–19Apr18

We have military serving in many countries around the world and now their numbers are a state “secret”…..

The Pentagon has removed all data related to troop numbers in their assorted wars from their primary data website, as of a newly released quarterly report. This means there is no longer publicly available official data on US troop  levels in Iraq, Syria, or Afghanistan.

President Trump has made it a stated policy not to give up-to-date, accurate troop numbers on any of these wars. Despite this, the Defense Manpower Data Center has, through its most recent report, kept publishing figures. This data was admittedly often out of date or deliberately inaccurate, but it was an official baseline for the scope of the wars.

The Defense Manpower Data Center now has no manpower data at all. Pentagon officials say that the data is not on the new report because the policy is in the process of being updated. They did not, however, explain why they retroactively removed the troop figures from their previous two reports, from September and December.


It seems that we the people do not have the right to information anymore….next I think Trump will try to get rid of the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)……

Have a good evening to all my friends…..back atcha later…..chuq


15 thoughts on “Closing Thought–19Apr18

  1. A global, perpetual, war in which the people have no right to know any of the details….Gee…I’m sure I’ve read that plot-line in a book somewhere before…back in the mid-80’s I think…The name slips my memory.

      1. Naw, the book was named after a year….Oh, hell…What was it?

        Anyway…the civilians in the nation that was at perpetual war were just expected to unquestionably believe whatever the government told them. Enemies became allies. Allies became enemies. Numbers were changed and/or deleted to fit whatever narrative the government was telling at the time.

        Anybody questioning any of this was taken to the Ministry of….uh.. Love?…where they were lovingly instructed to love the government unconditionally.

    1. It’s not like they’re handing out the names & addresses of the bed & breakfasts where US troops are staying. It’s just straight-up numbers. Especially in today’s context, knowing how many US soldiers are in a country is of zero use to anybody fighting them. I’m sure the Japanese had a pretty good idea how many US troops were on their doorstep. What good did it do them?

      However, what it does do is hide numbers from “enemies” in the press corps and the public.

      1. And just what do you plan to do with those numbers? You just want them because you can’t have them. Juvenile.

      2. What are ANY of these numbers there for? Were they put there to help “the enemy”? For that matter, why does the government let us know ANYTHING? The less we know the better!

      3. And this is coming from the guy who dismissively told me a few days back to “know your facts, first”. Except I knew them…and he didn’t. (See: “Then what the fuck is Puerto Rico?”)

        So which is it? Am I to know my facts, or not know them? And what happens if the government takes the facts away? Am I to forget them? Or am I to use Alternative Facts? That seems to be how things work now. Or maybe I should just turn off my brain and salute Our Fearless Leader?

        Without these troop numbers (which are only updated every 3 months, so they are even less useful to “enemies” than a still-useless daily count would be)…

        I would never have known that a whopping 44,562 troops were in Japan and 11,756 troops were in Italy to…prevent Mussolini & Tojo from making comebacks? That 26 troops were in Hong Kong to protect it from…Communist China? That 2 troops were in Ireland to…prevent America being attacked by leprechauns? (Or more likely to “liberate” their pots of gold.) Or that 12 troops were stationed in Jamaica in order to…Get irie, mon! (Note: IRIE is an ISIS-affiliated terrorist group that smuggles dangerous, illegal, medicine drugs into America. Unlike the CIA. They only imported “baby powder”.)

        I also learned there were 40 troops in Israel. That’s a curiously low number. Especially considering they’re considered one of America’s “best friends” who are under constant threat from Muslandia. And unlike every other country (still) on the list in the linked story.. they actually HAVE been attacked several times in the last decade. Does this mean they’re fully capable of looking after themselves and don’t actually need America’s constant protection? Why aren’t these other nations capable of looking after themselves, especially the ones that haven’t fired a single shot since at least WW2?

        Gosh, seeing the numbers do create questions. Some are even “uncomfortable”. Ahhhh…I get it now!

      4. But they told me it was only 40 troops! Surely the US Empire wouldn’t lie to us now, would it?

        To be fair…just with the 56,000-ish US troops dedicated to preventing comebacks by Mussolini & Tojo…how many US troops can there be left to protect Israel? Jesus, that Italy+Japan number alone is more troops than the entire Canadian army has and probably half of the other countries in NATO!

        It’s not like there is a bottomless pit of money to spread America’s military might around the globe, or anything. That would be a foolish waste of resources. My God, imagine how much that would cost!

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