WAR–What’s It Good For?

A great antiwar song from days gone by…..but it asks an timely question….

My time spent researching topics I run across articles that most people would have missed….

So first of all….what is war?

From the ancient age , WAR inclusively and exclusively had and has been an important part of the society . WAR equally and effectively influences the people of the society to the same extent as to the policy makers and soldiers who fight for their nation . Several WARs fought till now resulted in different outcomes which led to the development of some and the extinction of the other civilization . The evolution of mankind and development of WAR occurred simultaneously


That helps to define what war is….now how about explaining what are the causes…..

War and conflict has been as much a constant in human history as humans. As Kenneth Waltz states, “there is no peace in a condition of anarchy,” and there will always be a form of anarchy as long as human nature is a variable in our complex domestic and international systems. Many scholars have analyzed the causes of war on a state-by-state-basis, other writers believe that it is possible to provide a wider, more generalized explanation (Baylis et al, 2017, pg. 239).  Additionally, many well-known international relations theorists have applied forms of theoretical framework to understand how and why we create friction in our societies, focusing on a variety of aspects, from international institutions to gender. For neorealist writers such as John Mearsheimer, international politics is not characterized by these constant wars, but nevertheless a relentless security competition, as we will discuss in this essay (Baylis et al, 2017, pg. 242).


Everybody turns to Clausewitz for anything remotely to do with war and its execution…..but could war be a paradox?

Many in political and military circles quote him, and selections of his work On War are de rigueur on war college reading lists across the globe; he is discussed in terms of strategy primarily, and tactics secondarily. He is also most commonly cited for his view that war is politics with the addition of other means and that war must be considered in relation to the political aims and within the constraints of the state and people.


After all that the question remains…..WAR–What’s It Good For?


4 thoughts on “WAR–What’s It Good For?

  1. “War! What is it good for?….MISC Industries profit margins!!!… Say it again, now…

    To prove I at least skimmed the assigned homework…Note: This method is how Sedate Me somehow graduated without doing hardly any work

    While you can legitimately argue over “scale & methods”….Anybody who thinks the decline of the state (and the rise of corporations) will end war is a complete idiot! All you have to do is look at the growth of privatized war (ie the Blackwaters) and the rise in corporations using them. You also have to look at the ever growing numbers of corporations with full fledged espionage departments. Or corporations like Loserbook whose entire profit model is espionage based. As war becomes the dominant societal mentality and as it becomes more “house-to-house”, their brand of espionage will only get increasingly lucrative.

    As the state withers away, (Remember that one Marx fans?) to be replaced by corporate power (and plain ol’ anarchy) the trappings of war is being decentralized, right down to the level of the individual. Not just corporations, but 1%-ers can now make war at what was once the State level. Shit, thanks to technology and a deliberate misinterpretation of the 2nd Amendment, even average citizens can wage mini-wars on their enemies. One motivated guy with an assault weapon and a couple 500 clips could probably decimate the Minutemen. (Paul Revere who???)

    Constant combat may just be the new norm at all levels of humanity. An Operation Clausewitz of sorts may have just been declared…and I expect similar results. (See: movie Downfall)

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