ISIS With a “D”

Dan’esh….the Arabic acronym for ISIS….or ISIL…..or IS…..or wealth of other names by which the barbaric extremists labor under.

The pack of rabid dogs has been fought to a mere shadow of its former self….but from the rubble the dreams of importance still remain…..

It was inevitable, a young lawyer in Tunisia told me, that the first attempts at a modern Islamic state would flounder. Young Muslims had grown up under the paradigms of nationalism, European racism and harsh police states, he said. They carried these inherited behaviors into the caliphate formed by the Islamic State, a place that was supposed to be just and colorblind but instead reveled in violence and was studded with mini neocolonial enclaves, where British Pakistanis lorded over local Syrians, and Saudis lorded over everyone. It would take one or two generations to unlearn these tendencies and deconstruct what had gone so wrong, he said. But he remained loyal to the idea — partly because the alternative he currently lives under is worse. “When the police become the state itself,” he said, “it is truly terrifying.”

Many people are writing ISIS off as a defeated foe…..this I feel is a flawed dream…….ISIS could make a comeback at any time….maybe not in the Middle East buy elsewhere for their tentacles are everywhere as long as the extremism is exported out of Saudi Arabia….

The past year has witnessed a dramatic reversal of fortunes for the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant group, which suffered a stunning series of defeats in its former strongholds.

From Mosul to Hawija in Iraq, and from Raqqa to al-Bab in Syria, ISIL has been driven from key territory, leaving the group’s expansive vision of a caliphate in tatters. To date, more than 98 percent of the areas it previously held have been retaken, and more than seven million Syrians and Iraqis have been freed from the group’s control, according to the US-led coalition battling ISIL.

It will be foolish to proclaim ISIS as defeated.


5 thoughts on “ISIS With a “D”

  1. I don’t think ISIS has gone away, just biding its time.
    The Imperial British were skilled at using one ‘colonial’ group to control others. They did that with Indians in Kenya and Uganda, and with Sikhs in India. In some cases, those learned habits died hard, hence the expulsions from Uganda, and the turnaround of society in Kenya too..
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. I totally agree with you, chuq. This nonsense celebrating the fall of ISIS in Syria equates only to ISIS on the conventional battlefield… IN Syria. They started as an ideological terrorist organization and they are still such… and still a world threat. And honestly speaking… given the international military players in Syria alleging to be fighting ISIS on the battlefield… it took way too long for their defeat given they were militarily inferior. Sorry… I see no kudos here.

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