Pakistan Makes The News

Everyone in the field of international relations has an opinion about Pakistan…..most analyst realize that this country is doing what it has been doing for decades….playing both sides.

Trump has said that he will make Pakistan toe the line as an American ally…..but I do not think this will make them do so……..

President Trump, who slammed Pakistan in his first tweet of the year, has now made good on his threat to cut off aid. The administration says it’s suspending all security assistance to the country until it takes “decisive action” against Taliban and Haqqani militants on its territory targeting American troops over the border in Afghanistan, NBC News reports. “Despite a sustained high level of engagement by this administration with the government of Pakistan, the Taliban and the Haqqani network continue to find sanctuary in Pakistan,” State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert says. The department also accuses Pakistan of violating religious freedom, the AP reports.

Earlier this week, US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley, saying Pakistan has “played a double game for years,” announced that the US was freezing $255 million in military aid that would have been used to buy equipment from American companies. Trump’s New Year’s Day tweet has brought Pakistan’s deeply divided government, opposition, and military together to oppose American policy, the Wall Street Journal reports. “The behavior of America is not the behavior of an ally or friend,” Pakistan’s Foreign Minister Khawaja Muhammad Asif said Thursday. “They have abandoned us at every difficult moment in our history.” Analysts warn that if relations deteriorate further, the US may have to stop using the country as a supply route for American forces in Afghanistan.

Will American arms dealers allow this slow down in profits linger?  This is the real problem…..

Keep in mind that Pakistan and India have been at each others throats since about 1947….will 2018 be any different from the past confrontations?

The history of India-Pakistan relations show that, every time an attempt is made to build relations, Pakistan’s army sabotages the peace talks by either escalating tensions at the Line of Control (LoC) or sending trained militants to India to launch attacks. On January 2, 2016, for example, a heavily armed group from Pakistan attacked the Indian Air Force base in Pathankot. This attack came immediately after Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s impromptu visit to Lahore to meet his counterpart, Nawaz Sharif. This was followed by another attack carried out on September 18, 2016, where four heavily armed militants, belonging to Jaish-e-Mohammed, managed to cross the porous border and launch a surprise attack on an army camp in Uri in Jammu and Kashmir, resulting in the deaths of 17 soldiers.

Another worrying recent development was the release of Hafiz Saeed, of the banned Jamaat-ud-dawa, one of the masterminds of the 2008 Mumbai terrorist attack, where over 160 lost their lives. Saeed was released by the Lahore High Court due to the failure of the government, probably under pressure from the army, to produce evidence in court.

However, in spite of the continued hostility, both India and Pakistan did keep the composite dialogue going through their national security advisers. Sadly, both countries are now experiencing a low point in their relations, with a virtual breakdown of the mechanism set afloat in Lahore to settle disputes through dialogue.

Pakistan will need to make up the monetary shortfall…..where will it turn for funds it as become addicted to….where?


16 thoughts on “Pakistan Makes The News

  1. Pakistan has long been tolerated by the western powers, despite its obvious support of Islamic fundamentalists, and the supply of weapons to insurgents too. Perhaps it is time to see if they can cope on their own, without foreign aid.
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I agree….but then there is their nukes….the US is always worried about them and their possible use…..aid is a way to keep Pakistan in check….chuq

      1. True and aid is our way of keeping them in their holding pens after all India and Pakistan have been at each others throat for decades and both have nukes….we are paying for peace cheaper than a war I guess….chuq

  2. This is exactly what I was hoping Trump would have the courage to do! We have supported so many countries, while we go into debt, yet still they hate us ! Like an unruly child, take their allowance away!

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  4. What aid is trump and his so all government talking about??? .. what they give Pakistan is only 30% of 100% which they speak so highly other 70% is never given in the name of taxation…

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