The Iranian Protests

Sad to say that the protests are all  but over…..but they should give fodder for pundits and think tanks for a month or so…..then the media will move on…..

Well the pundit class has a new thing to zero in on….the book, the tell all book, but before that there were the protests in Iran….everyone has an opinion and everyone has  a  reason what made the Iranians resort to these deadly protests.  Most of these theories are wrong!

I have heard not one Western pundit report is what the protesters want from the government…..let me be the first……

What do the Iranian protesters want?

1) A referendum on founding the future regime, as most of the demonstrators called for a republican system similar to the developed countries and the overthrowing of the rule of of the Faqih.

2) Undermining the ideology of the Faqih regime and the liberation of Iranian society from the illusion of leadership of the Shiite world and its incursion into the Islamic world and eliminate the slogan of exporting the revolution.

3) Abolishing the forced veil and endorsing the principle of women’s free choice of appearance and clothing.

4) Freedom of the media, including free access to information, the Internet, social networks and the abolition of censorship.

5) Separating religion from politics and removing religious institutions and estates from politics and handing the administration of state affairs over to a government of technocrats.

6) An independent, just and impartial judiciary that is not subjected to any authority, power or political current.

7) Equal distribution of wealth and development plans to eradicate poverty, unemployment and deprivation.

8) Free, fair and transparent elections under international supervision.

9) Equality between women and men and the rejecting all forms of discrimination, violence and abuse against women in all fields.

Would be nice if someone in the media would have reported on these demands it would have given the protest more exposure…..

Of course the Iranian government will be blaming the CIA for this upheaval…..personally I do not think the “company” is the source of this unrest….yes they are there and working but these protests are generic….

There is as yet no public proof that the US is behind the protests, though the narrative sells well within Iran because of the long history of Iran being subjected to foreign intervention, and the long US history of backing foreign “revolutions.”

Hopefully the Iranians are not waiting for the US to step up with covert support…..the Trump State Department would be the kiss of death for the movement……a do-nothing bunch of losers from the top down.

But because of their lip service the Guard was called out and the usual “foreign agitators” were blamed…..

Iran’s Revolutionary Guard said Sunday that the nation and its security forces have ended the wave of unrest linked to anti-government protests that erupted last month, reports the AP. “Iran’s revolutionary people along with tens of thousands of Basij forces, police, and the Intelligence Ministry have broken down the chain (of unrest),” the Guard said on its website, per Reuters. The unrest was “created … by the United States, Britain, the Zionist regime (Israel), Saudi Arabia, the hypocrites (Mujahideen) and monarchists.” Price hikes sparked protests in a number of cities and towns late last month, and at least 21 people were killed in scattered clashes. The protests, which vented anger at high unemployment and official corruption, were the largest seen in Iran since the disputed 2009 presidential election, and some demonstrators called for the overthrow of the government.

Many of the demonstrators protested against the Guard’s massive budget, its costly interventions across the region, and against Ayatollah Ali Khamenei himself. Hundreds have been detained since the protests began. They include around 90 university students, reformist lawmaker Mahmoud Sadeghi was quoted as saying by the semi-official ISNA news agency. Iranian lawmakers held a closed session on Sunday in which senior security officials briefed them on the protests and the conditions of the detainees, the state-run IRNA news agency reported. “It was emphasized that foreign elements, and in particular the United States, played a basic role in forming and manipulating the recent unrest,” IRNA quoted lawmaker Jalal Mirzaei as saying. The United States and Israel have expressed support for the protests, but deny fomenting them.

Keep in mind that Israel needs a strong Iran…..without i they have nothing but the Palestinians to blame for all their problems and the world will be watching…..something Israel does not need.

On a side note:  Former Iranian president has been arrested……

With an estimated 1,000 people arrested over the course of a little over a week in protests in Iran, the most high profile may ultimately be the most surprising, with reports former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has been jailed for “incitement.”

Though Ahmadinejad has not really been linked to the protest movement, he made comments during his visit to Bushehr in late December which seemed to express support for them, faulting the leadership for being “detached from the problems and concerns of the people.

This makes the narrative a lot trickier internationally, as the US has sought to brand the new protests as a continuation of the 2009 protests, which were themselves against Ahmadinejad’s contested reelection.


This also……

Since the outbreak of mass demonstrations and unrest in Iran last week, US media have mostly busied themselves with the question of not if we should “do something,” but what, exactly, that something should be. As usual, it’s simply taken for granted the United States has a divine right to intervene in the affairs of Iran, under the vague blanket of “human rights” and “democracy promotion.” (The rare exception, such as an op-ed by ex-Obama official Philip Gordon—New York Times, 12/30/17—still accepted the premise of regime change: “I, too, want to see the government in Tehran weakened, moderated or even removed.”) With this axiom firmly established in Very Serious foreign policy circles, the next question becomes the nature, degree and scope of the “something” being done.


20 thoughts on “The Iranian Protests

  1. In other words they want to live like Americans and Europeans. They may care to have Islam in their lives but not a fascist theocratic dictatorship and tired of the hate the West mantra.

      1. Yes, agree. But women’s lib, blue jeans, pizza, rock n roll, sports, freedom press and the right to be happy and smile and love things free of the shadow of endless persecution and prosecution of Islamic clergy rule has to be part of it I think. I hear an underground Christianity movement is sprouting in Iran as well. In Saudi Arabia the prince has reopened movie theaters (after closed 35 years and western film shown) and women can now drive. The internet and facebook and other social media will bust open the Islamic World just like China and Russia revolutionized and infused in world culture and ideas and economics. This avenue of change is more effective than any US policies. We should be fighting with the words of Jefferson and Thomas Paine and baseball and Star Wars and Super Hero movies not troops. In their secret hearts people around the world want to be able to chill out and get to do cool stuff just like Americans. We can win by exporting American culture and making it available.

        I do not get to FB or TW very often but see you and a few others repost my cartoons in social media. Thanks for keeping the faith. This morning’s post took many many hours of draw and redraw trying to keep all the vertical lines connected and positioned in correct fashion. Today’s cartoon is about the 10th upgrade. I see a few other needs but will leave it finished as is.

      2. I feel they are moving slowly toward a freer society (Iran)….Saudi Arabia is just doing as little as possible to appear more progressive but their extremist beliefs still rule the day…..I say let them come to it under their own pace and we should just allow the people to decide…..eventually it will happen…..

        I do not use FB do not trust them…I use Twitter mostly for a news feed….breaking news gets there quicker than a media outlet…..I like you cartoons…..chuq

      1. You too!…..there is a section on Iran…& the problems of censorship we are having on the internet…the section on Iran is excellent. ta for now.

      2. an answer from an Iranian woman in ref to that tweet. “Its time that the American sheeples focus on the rights of women in their own country . Iranian women are the strongest ,despite whatever fox news tells them . I can never imagine a women treated like this in the east just bcz she questioned her salary”

  2. Watching reports from Iran recently, my wife and I commented that many women could still be seen in the streets in western-style clothes, without veils. Perhaps they were protesting?
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. There has been a lessening of the rules recently… long will it last? Not sure but things are moving in an interesting direction….chuq

      1. That was a pertinent read for me. I definitely fall into the Stalinist category of those who believed that Marx was something of a dreamer, and an idealist. Theories are one thing, implementing them requires a different path, one often paved with unpleasant necessities.
        Thanks for the link.
        Best wishes, Pete.

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