South Sudan–We Must Choose Sides

How many know of the problems in South Sudan?

My guess would be 1 in 10 may have an idea….otherwise NO one gives a crap about what is happening in Africa.

Before I go nay further maybe a little background would help my readers……

An overwhelming majority of South Sudanese voted in a January 2011 referendum to secede and become Africa’s first new country since Eritrea split from Ethiopia in 1993.

The young state plunged into crisis in December 2013 amid a power struggle between the president and his deputy whom he had sacked.

Fighting between government troops and rebel factions erupted into a conflict that had killed thousands and prompted more than 2.2 million people to flee their homes by the time a tentative internationally-mediated peace agreement was signed in August 2015.

Now that you have the background I will get to the meat of this post……

The incompetent ambassador of the US to the UN, Nikki Haley, has made it clear that the US must take sides…..

The U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations says the South Sudanese government is engaged in a brutal, protracted military campaign against a fragmented opposition and says, while both sides are responsible for atrocities against civilians, the government is primarily responsible for ethnically based killings.

Nikki Haley, who made those remarks Wednesday at Washington’s Holocaust Museum, says nothing prepared her for the level of suffering she saw when she recently visited South Sudanese refugee camps.

She may have been a good enough governor of South Carolina but that is where any competency stops.

Must take sides in the South Sudan situation?

What about the US taking sides with the killing and land theft of Palestinians?

Or what about taking sides on the atrocities being committed in Yemen?

NO!  She can only think of the situation in South Sudan in which the US needs to take sides.

And yet North Korea has been added to the list of state sponsored terrorism…..makes one think.

This illustrates just how out of her league is she is at the UN.

Hired by another incompetent fool.


7 thoughts on “South Sudan–We Must Choose Sides

  1. Taking ‘sides’ in these faraway conflicts has been the cause of all the problems we face today. Time to call a halt to taking any sides, as far as I am concerned.
    Best wishes, Pete.

  2. This is why the Pentagon needs a good recruitment drive.. get the best people to fill these “peacekeeping”, “police action” roles in the world. I firmly believe there should be an expanded ground role of quasi-paramilitary-type (change the uniform) State Department ground personnel that interfaces with the active military to provide policy continuity from guns-to-diplomacy in these problem regions. Why pay for this real estate more than once… with lives and money.

  3. Somebody has got to get to the point where the question is asked, “How out of league with the needs of today’s world is the archaic and ineffective UN … an organization whose time has long since passed and whose present goal seems to be to impose their will on all the world whether the world wants to cooperate in being dominated by the UN or not. Shut it down. Make condominiums at the site — or a public park — or a landfill … something useful!

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