Denuclearizing North Korea

For a decade the North Korean situation has been a thorn in the side of the American presidents that chose to deal with it……most have taken the easy way out and pushed through massive sanctions.

Now we have a new president and he has taken NK by the horns and turned it into the major throbbing boil on the international stage……we have had the threat of “fury and fire”…..and the chest thumping just keeps getting louder.

The White House has said that “NO OPTION IS OFF THE TABLE”….of course that is the same rhetoric that has been used on Iran.  But we have new plan/proposal…..the “denuclearizing of the Korean Peninsula”….

The US strategy for North Korea remains “all options are on the table,” according to White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee-Sanders, who today noted that the top priority for US efforts are the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula.

How the US intends to get to denuclearization is another matter, however. Huckabee-Sanders says that talks are “not the current focus,” which is putting it mildly since President Trump has presented any suggestion of direct diplomacy as “appeasement.”

In recent months the US engagement has been increasing sanctions against North Korea and a growing military buildup along their frontier. On top of that President Trump has refused to rule out attacking North Korea, saying only “we’ll see.”

On top of that, South Korea’s defense minister has proposed deploying US tactical nuclear weapons to South Korea, and US officials aren’t ruling that out. This would be the direct opposite of trying to denuclearize the peninsula, but is very much in keeping with talk of attacking North Korea first


Good plan (sarcasm)……the problem is NO one has any idea how to do this….another slogan to solve a problem.


3 thoughts on “Denuclearizing North Korea

  1. I remember a time when the big boast of The American Presidents was that North Korea could never be allowed to become a nuclear country. What ever happened to those days and how did it happen that they have actually become a nuclear power now?

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