Your Middle East Update

For the lack of news coming out of the Middle East one could assume that the war is over and we have moved on to other countries to bully….but that would be erroneous because the fight continues daily……no news because it is not important to the MSM plan for the news.

Iraq and Syria are still bloody….Libya is still in chaos…..Yemenis are still dying at the hands of the Saudi s and with the help of the Americans.

Since the MSM has seen it necessary to keep the American people in the dark about the policies and issues around the Middle East (at least for now)…..

WE have a new president but nothing new as far as policies and direction in the Middle East….

During last year’s presidential campaign, Donald Trump promised to do a great deal more in the Middle East than his immediate predecessors, but with much less. That is, he would achieve significantly more than Barack Obama at a much smaller sacrifice of blood and treasure than was incurred under George W. Bush. This he would accomplish by defining American interests sharply and pursuing them aggressively, not to say ruthlessly. The result would be a global restoration of American credibility and, as Trump never ceased to remind voters, renewed global respect.

As an act of political “signaling,” Trump’s blunt message was savvy. Many Americans, especially those in his base of supporters, regarded Obama as timid, weak, and more solicitous of enemies than of friends; Bush, they believed, had been strong in some ways but prone to quixotic adventures like building democracy in the Middle East, a putative sin of which Obama had at least been innocent. Trump offered an attractive alternative: a hybrid approach that would combine the best qualities of his predecessors in office while jettisoning their worst inclinations. “America First” meant placing a Bush-style readiness to use military force in support of a leaner, Obama-style agenda that nixed democracy promotion. Unlike Bush, Trump would resist thankless nation-building projects; unlike Obama, he would reward friends and punish enemies.

Source: What America Should Do Next in the Middle East » Mosaic

What About Iraq ans ISIS?

With the Islamic State’s so-called caliphate quickly crumbling within Iraq, the Iraqi government, led by its Prime Minister, must look to actions beyond the current kinetic fight to wisely use the victories they have gained against the terrorist group to bring peace and stability to Iraq.  Penned as an unsolicited letter to the Iraqi Prime Minister, the author offers three broad questions to provide strategic guidance as the active, open conventional fight against the Islamic State within Iraq inches closer to its conclusion.

Source: Iraq, the Islamic State, and War Termination | Small Wars Journal

What about Syria?  Any good news there?

Not in the least……

The Trump administration has dramatically increased US military and political involvement in northern Syria, providing air and ground support to local forces camped out in abandoned buildings on the outskirts of Raqqa as they seek to oust ISIS from the capital of its self-declared caliphate.

Under President Donald Trump, the US-led coalition has developed closer coordination with a collection of militias and tribes called the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), directing air and ground assaults. Senior State Department and USAID officials have visited Raqqa’s outskirts to coordinate efforts to help displaced civilians and secure the city’s future once ISIS is driven out. US officials have also carved out a semipermanent diplomatic presence close to the northern Syrian city of Kobane.

Source: The US Is Far More Deeply Involved In Syria Than You Know

The Middle East is still the powder keg it has always been…..just with a new president the fuse is a lot shorter….


2 thoughts on “Your Middle East Update

  1. Strange how the weather knocks war off of the news. Or is it deliberate?
    Over here at the moment, it is all about Brexit and the EU, with many efforts to get it reversed, or watered down. At times, you would think that nothing else was happening in the world.
    Best wishes, Pete.

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