Who Is “Begging For War”?

I seems that I cannot move past the North Korean problem…..

North Korea has gotten the world into a lather……he, Li’l Kim, has been throwing stones at Japan and threatening the rest of the Pacific with his words….plus he keeps setting off a nuke a month (so it seems)….of course the US and Trump have been issuing dire warnings for Li’l Kim’s digressions….and the people and country that would be most hit if there is a war is usually silent and when they do speak they talk of calm and reason.

Tough words from the North and tougher words from the East…..seems that everyone of the major players is begging for something besides a calm and rational solution…..

US Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley told the Security Council that North Korea was ‘begging for war.’ She said this in reference to the test of a thermonuclear – hydrogen – bomb by the North Korean military. ‘Enough is enough,’ said Ambassador Haley. ‘We have taken an incremental approach, and despite the best of intentions, it has not worked.’

Ambassador Haley made these comments at the UN Security Council, where there are five permanent members and ten rotating members. These five permanents members (China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States) are all nuclear weapon powers. They are not on the Council permanently (with veto power) because they have nuclear weapons. There are declared nuclear weapon states (India, Israel and Pakistan) that do not have a permanent seat on the UN Security Council. It is an accident of history that gives these five countries the right to be the judges of the planet.

Source: Who Is Begging for War? We Have Such a Poor Understanding of the Conflict with North Korea | Alternet

As this situation progresses it looks like some especially the MSM, are pushing for some sort of pre-emptive strike against NK…..attack to prevent a war……(think that over)……

Articles discussing pre-emptive strikes on North Korea are now everywhere. Based on a small number of in-depth analytical studies, they detail military challenges, human costs and likely outcomes. While those articles prepare us for the short term, they ignore the potential long-term strategic change that would result from a conflict on the Korean peninsula.

We’ve seen this before in the lead-up to the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Articles discussed the military challenges, human costs and likely outcomes. But the conflict ultimately upset the delicate regional balance of power and led to an outbreak of suppressed identity conflicts, dispersion of military know-how, and an uncontrolled spread in disruptive ideologies. Those effects weren’t unforeseen, but rather ignored in the rush to war.

Source: Pre-emptive Thinking About Pre-emptive Strikes | RealClearDefense

There are so many facets to the complex situation and the best they can do for a solution is that a first strike to prevent a war ids the best they can do.

2 thoughts on “Who Is “Begging For War”?

  1. The inattention and refusal to deal with this of last 5 presidents have brought us to this point. Do you ever notice in all the pics of crazy man none of the military people have a side arm ? How does this nut stay in power ?

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