The Man Who Started World War Two

On this day in 1939 Germany attacked Poland and that lead to everyone entering the fray against Germany….everyone but the US.

But do you, my reader know why Germany attacked Poland…..what excuse they used to start a war……

On the evening of 31 August 1939, as tensions in Europe approached the breaking point, there was an unusual broadcast from a radio station in Gleiwitz, Germany. Its broadcasts were momentarily silenced, followed by a hate-filled diatribe by a Polish-speaking man. He urged all Poles to take up arms, and to strike down any Germans who resist. When Gestapo officers arrived at the transmitter to investigate, they found the bullet-riddled body one of the alleged Polish attackers. In the morning there were reports of numerous other incidents of Polish aggression along the border. In response, Nazi leader Adolf Hitler issued his “final directive” to attack Poland, compelling the United Kingdom and France to declare war on Germany. Thus began World War 2. But it turns out that this incident at Gleiwitz— blamed as the final provocation for the terrible war that followed— was not quite what it seemed.

Source: The Man Who Started the War • Damn Interesting

Many people know about WW2 but damn few know what lead the world to war……

Glad I could help…..chuq

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