The Prague Spring–1968

1968 was a good year for history…..wars, protests, naval disasters, etc…….

Long before the Arab Spring there was the Prague Spring in 1968… was billed in the West as the Czechs attempt to throw off the bonds of communism and step into the light of democracy.

There were volumes written in support of this action here in the West….but was it about Communism and democracy?

On the morning of Aug. 21, 1968, Mr. William Teltscher realized that his trip to Czechoslovakia had ended before it really started. Being a descendant of a traditional wine-trading Jewish family from Mikulov, south Moravia, he decided to visit his native country for the first time since his family left Czechoslovakia in 1939 for England, escaping the Nazi furor. However, he landed in Prague’s Ruzyne airport only to see the tanks being unloaded from Soviet transport planes, so he turned around and left the country on the next plane for London.

He was apparently one of those who believed the Prague Spring might eventually lead to significant changes to the totalitarian system or at least give the citizens of Czechoslovakia the feeling that they are once more able to determine their country’s destiny. Like many other hundreds of thousands, he was deceived.

Source: Exploding the myth of Prague Spring | Prague Post

Once again history was not exactly as it has been painted by the media…..but we already knew that…..right?

4 thoughts on “The Prague Spring–1968

  1. History is never reported by media the way it happened. History is embellished, painted, braced-up, built-up, enhanced, given a face lift, all for the sake of marketing. If it is not dramatic enough to be marketed at a big profit margin then it is ignored, glossed over, explained away or glitzed up and glamorized to where it appeals to the basal instincts of the intended audience and then it is sold, re-sold and over-sold until it no longer possesses the power to attract advertising money or donations. Media is not a reporting medium anymore– It is now a marketing medium.

  2. I forget who said it, but, he/she was right to note, ‘History is written by the winners.” Especially these days, when information is so overwhelming, only those with the access to controlling what people read have the means to cause changes… and those always go according to their own agenda, not that of the people of the world at large….

    “Politics is poopadoodle” isn’t just an observation; its a statement of reality….

    gigoid, the dubious

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