Guam In The Cross Hairs

I know I am an opinionated SOB and from time to time I get a Right winger that stops by to drop some wisdom on me…..I have been writing a bit about the North Korean situation and the way we are approaching it…..this well intention person said “If you are so goddamn smart how would you stop a missile from falling on Guam”?

After some thought I decided to take this person up on the challenge.

My plan would center around Ukraine…..this country needs help with encroaching Russians….plus they want to join NATO and possibly the EU….there is lots of bargaining chips in that situation.

I appears that Ukraine is the answer to the North Korean missiles….why?

The heart of their missile is an engine made in Ukraine…..

Many are worried over North Korea’s ICBM launch last month, which analysts say indicate its weapons can now reach the US. And what may be behind this apparent success: liquid-propellant rocket engines from a Ukrainian factory linked to Russia’s missile program that were then scooped up on the black market, per the New York Times. This revelation comes via classified documents from US intelligence agencies and an analysis by Michael Elleman for the International Institute for Strategic Studies, in which he notes the “astounding strides” of North Korea’s missile program, including its upgrade from medium-range missiles to a Hwasong intermediate-range missile and ICBM in just two years’ time—which he says no other nation has ever done. Elleman says it seems Pyongyang was able to pull off this feat with a rocket engine based on Soviet RD-250 engines, which only a few Soviet plants made.

The state-owned Yuzhmash factory that’s being eyed is in Dnipro, a plant the Times describes as “awash in unpaid bills and low morale.” What Elleman says lends credence to his theory is that two North Koreans were busted six years ago trying to swipe data on these types of engines from there. The Yuzhmash website notes it “will not [participate] in any cooperation involving the transfer of potentially dangerous technologies outside Ukraine,” though Elleman doesn’t buy that. “It’s likely that these engines came from Ukraine—probably illicitly,” he tells the Times. “The big question is how many they have and whether the Ukrainians are helping them now. I’m very worried.” No one’s sure how the engines would’ve made it to North Korea, which the Times notes would indicate a “broad intelligence failure” on the part of all countries keeping an eye on Pyongyang. Elleman’s in-depth take is here.

Take away the engine and you take away the threat to Guam.  Hard for a rocket to make it to the island without a motor….that is unless they have a real large sling shot.

We make a deal with the engine maker tom wither stop export of these motors or we do some tweaking to keep them from operating properly.  Granted will be a short term fix but maybe enough time for some sanity to return to this region.

Now this would possibly eliminate Guam as a target for now but it does not solve the South Korean dilemma…..and Japan is a rock’s throw away….they are still under a massive cloud of weapons aimed at their heart.

The challenge was for Guam not South Korea or Japan.

Done And Done!


10 thoughts on “Guam In The Cross Hairs

  1. That is an interesting observation, but it is not exactly a solution.

    Trump’s solution is pressuring China to call off North Korea, which China effectively controls. Since i have not read your previous posts, I am not certain why you might have an issue with that. As a major trade partner, we certainly have leverage, and there is not much point in trading with a nation that is constantly threatening you with nukes.

    Sticking our nose into the fight Ukraine is having with Russia is probably something we cannot avoid. However, since Russia is potentially far more dangerous than North Korea, we probably should not be using our involvement in the Ukraine to solve our problems in North Korea.

    The sad thing is the Ukraine had nukes and gave them up. Clinton promised to protect them if they did. He did not do so. Thus, what is happening in the Ukraine is the result of a promise we did not keep.

    Should the Ukraine stop selling North Korea missile motors? If they are, yes, but I seriously doubt we have much credibility with the Ukraine, and that needs to be restored first.

    1. I said that it would be a short term fix and the possibilities of a more sane solution. We have never balked at using others to solve our problems. chuq

      1. We haven’t, but many of the people we have tried to use have balked. When we prove ourselves unreliable, we lose a great deal of negotiating leverage.

  2. ‘this country needs help with encroaching Russians….plus they want to join NATO and possibly the EU’
    Ukraine is run by fascists supported by Washington.
    I love history as well.
    The Cold War and Its Origins. History of the Soviet Union. World War II, Colonialism, Independence …
    As for the EU,it smells….I have friends in Romania & some of them know what is going on with the USA bases…All of course pointing at Russia.
    Who is encroaching on Whom?
    “Democratisation” of Eastern Europe in the EU. The Case of Romania via @grtvnews
    The British Empire Empire is no longer ( just a poodle to the US)
    The USA Empire, run by neo/cons will go the same way.

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