We’ve Heard This Tune Before

This is an op-ed about the situation on the Korean Peninsula. Something we all should try and understand. chuq

Gulf South Free Press

First let me say tyhat I have written more about North Korea in the last 3 months than anytime in the previous 10 years.

What little expertise I have is on the Middle East….I leave Asia to those better qualified to write on the region.  But in this case all the rhetoric and chest thumping is very similar to the days before two Gulf Wars.

I am talking about the political rhetoric…….

Gulf War 1 or Desert Storm as it was known worldwide was predicated on lies.  Yes, Iraq had invaded Kuwait but the “sources” that were used to go to war were the Iraqis inhumane treatment of hospital patients….especially when he took the “iron lungs” and left the occupant on the floor to die.  When that did not work the public into a frenzy then the old reliable was used…..Saddam was looking to get nuclear weapons…that worked…the country was…

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One thought on “We’ve Heard This Tune Before

  1. Yes, it was the best war that America had paid for, bribing other nations to join the “Coalition of the Willing”–for a steep price. Many of theAmerican GIs were easy to spot, in their green, black and brown camouflaged fatigues. Evidently, they didn’t want to let the generals have all the fun–fighting the Last War!

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