Could The North Korea Crisis Been Avoided?

We hear a lot about what is going on with North Korea….most of it is sounding a lot like the pre-war rhetoric coming out of the Bush White House prior to the invasion of Iraq and the search for the WMDs he did not have…..

But with all this about what NK is planning to do with their nukes…..was there a time when all this would be a moot point?

North Korea’s nuclear weapons probably aren’t going anywhere. The test of an intercontinental ballistic missile on Friday is the latest disconcerting development in a decades-long slide toward a nuclear-armed North Korea capable of striking the U.S. homeland and its allies. As past administrations repeatedly failed to make the hard choices, the Trump administration now faces an uphill, if not impossible, battle as it pursues a denuclearized Korean Peninsula.


The U.S. had one chance to stop North Korea in its tracks a little over two decades ago. It would have been bloody, but significantly less devastating than a conflict would be now.

Source: North Korean Nuclear Crisis: We Could Have Stopped This in 1994 | National Review

Once again this NK situation could be a “crisis” of our own making.

I wish more people would care about the situations that our “leaders” get us into and see that they did nothing when they should have…..and then they overreact to the situation that they helped create.

A great foreign policy. (sarcasm)

6 thoughts on “Could The North Korea Crisis Been Avoided?

  1. Pakistan has nuclear weapons, and is a country that shelters and trains terrorists in that region. Belarus and Kazakhstan probably have access to nuclear weapons, left over from the Soviet times. Israel has ‘undeclared’ nuclear weapons, and is a country with a history of military aggression. I see no reason why a sovereign nation like the DPRK should not want to develop it’s own system, given that it is surrounded by other countries that have them.
    But of course, we ‘like’ Israel, and ‘tolerate’ Pakistan. Nobody likes the DPRK, do they?
    Regards, Pete.

    1. I am with you on this…I have always thought that every country should have a nuke…and that is it……the use of propaganda to determine who is “bad” and who is “good”…I have a nuke post coming on GSFP today……chuq

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