Trump Considers a Damn Fine Option

There have been few options in the handling of the Afghanistan War….about the only option so far is to throw more troops at the problems and pray.

But before I continue there is some sad news out of Afghanistan……

Two US soldiers were killed today just outside of the major Afghan city of Kandahar, when a suicide bomber attacked the NATO convoy they were traveling in. NATO confirmed “casualties,” but did not specify if there were any wounded on top of the two slain.

The two slain today makes nine US soldiers killed in Afghanistan so far this year, and while that’s not a lot, increased interest in putting US fighters back on the front lines has definitely made them more available targets in recent months, and this trend of casualties could be rising after dropping off in the past couple of years.

Our sympathies go out to the families.

I know that I have very little praise for our president these days….but I will say that Trump is considering an option that I can agree with in the handling of Afghanistan…..

After months of the Pentagon failing to sell a concrete plan of escalation to the White House, officials now say that the administration is considering getting back on track with a drawdown headed for a full pullout from the country after 16 years.

This is happening for the same reason the Pentagon hasn’t been able to sell the escalations, that a number of officials are unconvinced that the escalation is going to accomplish anything, and that they don’t think there’s a clear strategy for victory.

The Pentagon was more or less uniform in arguing escalations, albeit of varying sizes, and are said to be objecting to the proposed pullout as a “minority viewpoint,” warning that it does not meet the goals of the conflict.

The pullout is unlikely to be immediate, if it ultimately wins out. The plan seems to be to increase reliance on special forces and drone strikes in Afghanistan to try to make up for the largely feckless Afghan military in slowing the Taliban’s expansion across the country.


If you would like to learn more about this turn of events…..

Source: While you were distracted by Scaramucci — Trump considered pulling out all troops from Afghanistan

The only part I do not like about this plan is that they are considering using mercenaries to do the job that our troops are now doing.

Like I said I like the idea of bring our troops home and leave Afghanistan to its own devices.

But there is always more to the story than we get……things will change…..

Stay Tuned!


7 thoughts on “Trump Considers a Damn Fine Option

  1. Trump is trying to blame Gen. Nicholson for the lack of success in Afghanistan. He suggested he take advice from the ground troops. Such insanity. The buck stops with Trump. He will always find someone else’s feet to place his problems at. He compares the war to running his business…we are doomed!

    1. I am working on an op-ed on Gulf South Free Press about this situation….basically I say for him to go to Afghanistan and talk with the troops…..I know that ain’t happening….but I say but your money where your mouth is….chuq

      1. He hardly has a grasp on the english language, he would probably tell them how “Amazing” he is, or denigrate them in some way. I have no confidence in him.

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