Closing Thought–03Aug17

Don’t Let The Door Hit You In The Ass On The Way Out!

Yes, I know that I am a foreign policy geek!

Iran has come into the conversation from the Trump people……they have been threatened with violence even though it is obvious that they are complying with the word of the Nuke deal they signed with the US….

So I was truly surprised when McMasters fired a Iran hawk from the NSC…..

The White House has announced today that National Security Council member and top Trump adviser on Iran Derek Harvey has been fired “effective immediately.” Harvey was seen as extremely hawkish on Iran, and his firing comes amid major cabinet disagreements on Iran policy.

Harvey was said to be among the proponents for unilaterally withdrawing the US from the P%+1 nuclear deal, a position which ultimately lost out in recent weeks, as Secretary of State and Defense, Tillerson and Mattis, managed to convince Trump to take a more measured approach.

Some reports cited officials as denying that Harvey’s position on Iran was the reason for his dismissal, saying rather that he was viewed by other cabinet members as too close to Stephen Bannon. Harvey was initially hired for the council by Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who has also been sacked, and may not have been favored by H.R. McMaster.


This is interesting…..was he fired because he was a hawk?  Is the NSC taking a more liberal tact on Iran?  Is the Trump White House softening its stand on Iran?

McMasters seems to be making a clean sweep in the NSC….he has fired yet another member…

National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster has sacked yet another member of the National Security Council today, with the White House announcing that the senior director for intelligence programs Ezra Cohen-Watnick has been removed from his position, with the requisite praising of his past service.

McMaster has had problems with Cohen-Watnick for awhile, trying to fire him back in March amid mounting complaints from CIA officials who didn’t like working with him. Cohen-Watnick was close with Steve Bannon and Jared Kushner, and Trump overruled McMaster on that last firing attempt.

Questions…I have questions.

At least the amateurs are being shown the door….may be a more coherent national security policy can be found.  Can anyone now spell SANITY?

That is it for my day of posting….time to kick back and enjoy some quiet contemplation……

Have a good day my friends…..Don’t forget to check out my other blog…..Gulf South Free Press…………chuq


13 thoughts on “Closing Thought–03Aug17

  1. Taking a hard line against Iran has made no difference at all. Maybe time to take no line at all, and let the Iranians get on with just being Iranians?
    Just a thought…
    Regards, Pete.

  2. I am replying to this post via the link on my Blogger Blog, “American Independent Times” where I have added In Saner Thought to my “Follow List.” (See it can be done.) — I have also added “Gulf South Free Press.”

  3. Exiting the Iran Nuclear Agreement would cause it to implode and, as Bibi Netanyahu had said–prior to its signing–Iran was just two, perhaps three months away from having The Bomb. The deal would vanish, Russia would ship its plutonium and centrifuges back, and Iran would shortly have The Nuke. Just so Donald could accomplish his promise. B.S!

    Also, who would want to enter in an agreement with us again?

  4. I tried really hard to come up with a comment on this, but, since I have no idea of who any of those people mentioned are, much less any interest in knowing, I find I must pass… But, I know I’ve made the right moves lately, by commenting less, as well as following any news WAY less, because the most compelling text in the post, with which I could fully engage, was this, to wit: “time to kick back and enjoy some quiet contemplation……” Now, THAT;S the ticket….

    The more I go off grid. the better I’m liking it….

    But, I’ll be around, now & again, just looking for my chance to snark….

    See ya, bro. Have a good weekend’ try a new gambit on your g-d, maybe she’ll fall for it….

    gigoid, the dubious


    1. Donald is doing his best to become irrelevant! Both the Congress and the Markets have largely ignored him. Word has it that he gets an expedited post overtime that a new McDonald’s or Chippotle opens, so that he can claim credit for the good, high-paying jobs.

      1. *smile* Well, thanks for the update. He (the Trumpette) is only ONE of the reasons I have completely given up on the news. I pay only enough attention to stay secure (one must know which direction to jump….); I have found two good things in this; one, no fucking stress having to listen/watch assholes & idiots engage in delusional, psychopathic behavior, and many, many more opportunities to engage in actual Life at Large than when giving attention to what, in the long run, won’t matter at all….

        But, thanks for letting me know my new habit is justified by current events….

        gigoid, the dubious

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