Does Anyone Remember 2003?

I am talking about the mash up to the invasion of Iraq.

Recall all the news about WMDs and yellow cake uranium….the false narrative that Iraq was somehow involved in the 9/11 attacks……all propaganda to justify invading a sovereign country… this case Iraq.

They were making a case for invasion as they did in the 1990’s and the fist Gulf War.  If you recall back then it was babies left on the floor of a Kuwati hospital so the Iraqis could steal medical equipment…again that never occurred.

Again making a case for justification for invasion.

I bring up a little history because I think they are at it again……this time in Syria.

In a recent press conference Spicer had a bombshell (no pun intended) to drop…..

Raising speculation that the US is about to attack Syria again, the White House has issued a statement late this evening accusing the Assad government in Syria of conducting “potential preparations for another chemical weapons attack,” claiming that such an attack would involve the “mass murder of civilians, including innocent children.”

The late night report was extremely light on details, but threatened to make Syria’s government and military “pay a heavy price,” suggesting that the statement was only issued to lay the groundwork for a new round of US attacks on Syrian government targets.

The US last attacked Syria in earnest in early April, firing 49 cruise missiles at a Syrian air base. The attack was carried out despite reports ultimately showing that the US intelligence community found no evidence a chemical weapon attack took place.


Source: White House Says Syria May Be Preparing Another Chemical Attack, Warns Assad Will “Pay A Heavy Price”

It is sounding like the drums of war are getting louder.

Source: Our Rush to War in Syria – Origina

Bang the drums….blow the trumpets….prepare!

Here we go again!

5 thoughts on “Does Anyone Remember 2003?

  1. This story has been headlining here all day. The Russians have said that any attack on the Syrian government military will be ‘taken very seriously’. I can only imagine that the US intends to provoke a wider war in that region, at any cost. No doubt they hope to ‘inherit’ what’s left, as with Iraq and Libya. And we know that didn’t happen.
    Best wishes,, Pete.

    1. Yeah this is getting all too serious..I just wish Americans would understand that….but they prefer to sit with head in sand…..chuq

      1. The problem is we’re being bombarded by too much info (probably at least 95% crap) so it’s hard to filter out the unimportant/fake stuff in lieu of the real and necessary. In the current 24 hour news cycle, every piece of news is supposed to be important–but it can’t be. Ugh!

        It’s part of the reason I’ve taken to waiting about 3 days before making up my mind or focusing on a story. Not the best way to do it, I know, but at least you can filter out the stuff that’s going to change 15 times in one day a little easier. If the info’s still there and being checked and re-checked 3 days later, safe to assume it’s relatively important and worth pursuing. It’s left the station of “let’s get it out there quick” and is now a staple…at least, that’s how I look at it.

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