An Old Nightmare Returns

I recently read an article about the situation in Balkans….where there is growing concern that the rise of the military and far Right politics might be a harbinger of things to come and a repeat of history…..

Source: An Old Nightmare Returns: The Balkans Simmer Again | The National Interest Blog

After I read the article I thought if only someone had been paying attention then just would not come as a surprise……


Someone has been watching!  Me!

Source: The Balkans: Smoldering Ashes Of Conflict – In Saner Thought

There are many differences between the Balkans and the Middle East, but they have two things in common. Both regions are former pieces of the Ottoman Empire that have not found stability since that empire receded in the late 19th century.

Source: Will the Balkan Tinderbox Ignite, Again? | The Cipher Brief

So someone has been watching and reporting…the problem is NO one is paying attention.

Since I am an analyst of international conflict then nothing about this is surprising and I will continue to be a voice of caution.


4 thoughts on “An Old Nightmare Returns

  1. Given all the excitement about Syria, Trump, the DPRK, and whatever else is capturing attention, it is easy to forget this east European turmoil. One thing’s for sure, the tensions of the recent wars there have never gone away.
    Best wishes, Pete.

      1. Correct…No One Is Paying Attention…Ostrich Position..The Peoples ‘Fave’ Position.
        Head up their Ass.

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