It’s Just Sad

Anyone that visits here understands that I am NOT a supporter of Trump…I will admit that during the campaign he did make a few statements that I could agree with on principle…..but since the election any support for ideas has since disappeared.

It is all so much comedy now….more like a sad comedy…..recently there was a love fest by his cabinet members that went around a circle kissing his ring (more like his ass)…that did not need televising but in his need for admiration he made it all too pathetic…..

All the “love” is just destroying reputations of his cabinet members…..

Vice-President Mike Pence set the tone, confiding that serving a president “who’s keeping his word to the American people” is “the greatest privilege of my life”. As Mr Trump clenched his jaw, nodded and threw in an occasional “good job” of encouragement, his cabinet secretaries—who include former governors, retired four-star generals and more than one billionaire—mostly followed suit. They variously reported that his presidency has “thrilled” crime-fighters, excited the world with its “international flair” and inspired “love” in Mississippi. “My hat is off to you!” swooned the energy secretary, Rick Perry, who in 2015 called Mr Trump a “cancer on conservatism”. For as long as cameras whirred this surge of praise rolled round the room like a bureaucrats’ Mexican wave, peaking with a testimonial from Reince Priebus, the White House chief of staff. Unabashed by speculation that he is to be sacked, Mr Priebus declared: “We thank you for the opportunity and the blessing to serve your agenda.” The verdict of a Twitter-user from Toronto, “This is actually the start of ‘King Lear’,” went viral, pinging around the political internet.

Source: Donald Trump’s need for flattery is trashing reputations

All this silliness surrounding the “leader” of the free world is just too scary……we have international crises forming and he will have to handle them as the world leader he should be….but is he capable?

My thought is no way….but some others have also weighed in on this situation…..why?

After 5 months in office his national security team is still not complete….so how could he actually handle a crisis?

Inside the 18-acre White House compound, the National Security Council process—making key decisions and overseeing their execution—is still in transition nearly five months after President Donald Trump took office. The sooner this transition concludes, the better for our security. In the long run, getting this transition right is far more important than any of the administration’s discrete decisions that have dominated the news since January 20. Based on my firsthand experience in the White House coordinating the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan during the last such transition—the departure of the Bush administration and the arrival of the Obama team in 2009—there are two fundamental challenges.

First, the national security team must be built. This goes far beyond the early presidential memorandum specifying the members of the NSC and the supporting principals and deputies committees. With the departures of Michael Flynn and K.T. McFarland, the NSC staff is now settling in, with H.R. McMaster at the helm. The 10 to 12 “senior directors” reporting directly to McMaster lead small cells of professionals drawn largely from across the government. But, this is only the nerve center of the national security team. Their counterparts in the State and Defense Departments—where the depth of experience and diversity of views reside, and where responsibility for implementation lays—are still nowhere close to being in place. Incredibly, nearly half a year in, there are still only a very few political appointees in Foggy Bottom and the Pentagon below the deputy secretary level, fewer than 10 percent of those required.

Source: Trump’s Not Ready for a Crisis – POLITICO Magazine

All we can do is hope that calmer heads will prevail and we are not thrown into a major international crisis.

All the while the conditions keep mounting up…..and few are noticing….

On Sunday, a US Navy F/A-18 shot down a Syrian Su-22, marking the first time in over a decade that the United States engaged in air-to-air combat. Syria claims that their aircraft was bombing ISIS troops. We have at attacked Syrian government forces no less than four times in the last month, causing tensions to swell in the complex conflict. Russia has responded by saying they will now possibly target aircraft from the US-led coalition. On the ground, it is estimated that anywhere from 500 to 2,500 American troops are fighting in Syria, despite the President’s claim that “we’re not going into Syria.”

Meanwhile President Trump has followed through with several arms deals that were started under President Obama, helping supply both Saudi Arabia and Qatar with billions of dollars in weapons and aircraft. This comes after Trump criticized Qatar’s alleged funding of terror organizations. Saudi Arabia faces its own allegations of relations with terrorists, all while running a salacious campaign to recruit American veterans to lobby on their behalf.

Source: Sneaking into War: Trump’s Plan to Incite Global Conflict Without Anyone Noticing – The Ring of Fire Network

Please pay attention…before it is too late!  Stop listening to slogans and one liners….there is more at stake for this country.

Please pay attention!


8 thoughts on “It’s Just Sad

  1. As I see it the real sad thing is that so many citizens accept EVERYTHING he says as “fact”.

  2. Rather than go into rant mode these days, I’ve been boycotting ALL the news, & I’ve gotta say, it’s pretty damn enjoyable. A week ago, I ran my RSS news collector, & in going through all the headlines from the various cross-sectional news groups, I found exactly ZERO stories worth taking the time to read… Since that has happened the last three times I’ve done so, I figured out there isn’t anything at all happening in the real world that warrants my attention….

    The world is going to hell in a bucket, & all there is to do now is learn to enjoy the ride….

    It sure does save me from a LOT of stress I don’t want, or need…. & apparently, it doesn’t affect my current locality’s reality at all…. Hmmm… maybe it isn’t so critical to engage in it, after all….

    gigoid, the dubious


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