Closing Thought–01Jun17

Trying To Reason With The Hurricane Season!

Every year I write a post about the beginning of the hurricane season….since I live on the Gulf Coast the chances are good that I will see another one before I pass into history.

I write this post to let me readers know that if a ‘cane hits then I will be without internet and will not be posting until the service can be restored.

Be patient…I Shall Return!

As usual I am stocking up on water,  batteries, can goods and wine…things we do at the start of every season.

Let’s look at the season to come……

Experts are calling for a below-normal hurricane season this year, as a potential El Niño may limit the development of storms.

AccuWeather meteorologists are predicting 10 named storms, five of which are projected to become hurricanes and three of which may become major hurricanes.

atlantic hurricane 2017

So if I am not around for a few days bear with me…..I will return as soon as these repairmen get the service back up……

Wish me luck.  chuq


15 thoughts on “Closing Thought–01Jun17

  1. Well, my friend, I think your preparations will be of more use, but, good luck. I’ll try to come by to see if you’re around, as long as the next earthquake holds off awhile….




  2. Think positive. You’ll have free seafood on your front lawn. No kitchen to cook it in, but hey.

      1. That kind of thing is likely the biggest drawback of living at sea level. Probably wished you stayed in Denver, eh?

        Skate on, Spurs. Skate on!

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